Breakaway companies win faster by embedding trusted data and relevant analytics everywhere you need them.


Want beautiful data visualizations and dashboards?

So does everyone else. But how do you break away?

If you’ve got complex data, we can get to it.

If you have problems with data quality and consistency, we can fix it.

And if you are looking to boost performance throughout your organization by arming everyone with the power of trusted information, beyond just the data experts and the executive suite, then we have you covered like no one else does.

Our approach gives all your users:

  • The confidence of nuanced insights
  • The speed of a right answer when there is no time to waste
  • More value from your data with mission-critical, enterprise-strength analytics applications

The best part? Set out to solve one business problem and evolve to as many use cases as you need for a higher return on a singular investment.

Creating More Value

Drive Performance
Drive Performance

Improve Customer Experience
customer experience

Transform Operations
transform operations

How Do We Scale?

Our unified data management and analytics platform allows our customers to derive more value from their data – as fast as the digital age demands.

More Data

100s of data sources - if you can think of it we can get to it!

Easily access data in place, move, and/or blend any enterprise data, regardless of format, location, volume, latency – both in batch and real-time. We specialize in managing multiple sources of data at one time and can take on the most challenging data requirements.

More Users

We’re flexible. From departments to business units to the entire enterprise – and to your customers, suppliers, and partners outside the firewall, we support some of the largest deployments of analytics and data solutions in the world.

US Bank

25,000,000 users

Ace Hardware

40,000+ users


100,000 users

More Use Cases

High adoption and reusability leads to higher ROI!

Empower everyone with data-driven insights: executives, business analysts, non-technical employees, partners and customers. This helps to create an aligned culture that can drive performance, streamline operations, optimize supply chain and transform customer experience.

More Speed

Because we live in a faster-paced, competitive business environment, the speed at which you extract insights and knowledge becomes a critical success factor. Whether you deploy on premise or in the cloud, or embed in your websites or applications, our platform is built for speed.


“On an average Monday morning, WebFOCUS typically handles more than 1 million requests for information, with sub-second response time to our entire user community.”

More Choices

Apps. Visualizations. Reports. Infographics. Dashboards. Portal. Search. In-document analytics. Alerts. Embedded analytics.

Analytics are as individual as the people that use them. To increase user adoption, you have to acknowledge this diversity and be flexible enough to provide an analytics solution relative to someone’s job, role or need. Our platform makes it unbelievably easy to do so. Where usability meets scalability, one platform for all.

More Value

It's not just about everybody having access to information. It’s also connecting strategic priorities to the individual goals of the operational employees, the business partners, and the customer interactions. This is what transforms the business.



Revenue $7 million


$2.5 million


27,000 reports

Our Customers Know the Power of Scale

WebFOCUS helps 13,000 employees across 40 countries retrieve and analyze data at United Way Worldwide.
First Rate Investments uses WebFOCUS to scale to meet the volume of each of its clients, some of the largest financial institution firms in U.S.

Find out how our data and analytics platform can help you drive enterprise-wide alignment and execution.