WebFOCUS Portal

The WebFOCUS Portal is an analytical content management and deployment system that is essential for multi-user deployments. It delivers a multitude of ways for end users to consume, organize, personalize and explore analytical content, and for BI developers and administrators to manage the deployment, access and presentation of governed content to users.

Essential for Enterprise Deployments

WebFOCUS is a comprehensive platform that provides data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, operational intelligence, and other essential capabilities for turning raw data into actionable insights. 

The WebFOCUS Portal is essential for any degree of user, content or deployment sophistication, as it controls many aspects of business intelligence (BI) administration, analytics content management, and user empowerment.

BI Administration

The WebFOCUS Portal provides administrators of enterprise analytics with extensive deployment support, including:

  • Administrative templates that create resources, groups and roles with predefined security policies
  • Enterprise-level security for internal, SaaS, and customer-facing deployments
  • The ability to create multiple domains and portals to segregate user groups, content and contexts
  • Multi-tenancy and SaaS access management, especially for deployments outside the firewall (e.g., customer-facing)
  • Application Development: The Portal is often leveraged as a framework to manage the workflow and content delivery for external applications, such as the embedding of analytics within a customer-facing system

BI and Analytics Content Management

Your organization can now manage and present a curated view of the essential BI content required by each user to perform their role in the organization.

  • Both BI specialists and business users can rapidly create BI portals and interactive pages – unmatched in aesthetics, interactivity, and usability – completely eliminating expensive or time-consuming custom coding
  • The new Designer tool provides a visual framework for dropping content into screen containers, such as reports, charts, maps, or controls. This content can be used standalone, in a portal, or embedded in a third-party application
  • Analytics content is automatically responsive for optimal use on any type of screen or device. WebFOCUS makes authoring simple, intuitive, and fast for BI analysts and non-technical groups alike
  • Organization of analytical content in one location, and the management of each user’s resources in a secure repository

User Empowerment

The WebFOCUS Portal provides a highly versatile and powerful interface for business users to access BI content, via portals and pages that include dashboards, visualizations, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and interactive InfoApps™.

  • The Portal allows users to personalize and customize their analytical dashboards and pages with their own content or previously created analytics from peers or BI specialists
  • Rapid assembly of Personal Pages and Dashboards leveraging interactive InfoApps, pre-authored charts, documents, and visualizations, as well as self-service generated content
  • The new charting 'Insight' mode provides immediately usable visual data discovery without the need to provide a costly and imposing discovery tool that only savvy analysts can use
  • Collaboration, whereby users are able to create, publish, share, access and comment on analytics within their own domain

Bottom Line

The WebFOCUS Portal plays a critical role in enabling enterprises to manage and deploy a wide range of governed analytics to domains of users, who can organize and personalize their trusted content in order to execute smarter data driven business.