WebFOCUS Infographics

Does your organization need the ability to create and deliver visually insightful communications to employees, partners, prospects, and customers. That’s the power of WebFOCUS Infographics. Infographic content can be dynamically generated from any WebFOCUS data source, which offers a refreshing and effective way to provide value from corporate data investments.

Why Infographics?

To deliver business intelligence (BI) and analytics insights more efficiently to more people, organizations are increasingly turning to data storytelling. Stories are easier and faster to comprehend than charts and grids, and stories reduce the time to analyze and draw conclusions. 

Infographics are short and concise, intuitively deliver a story, make conclusions obvious, and offer instant comprehension. They engage decision-makers as an alternative to long and wordy reports, and help information consumers to expand the reach of BI.

Extending WebFOCUS

Information Builders has partnered with a market-leading infographics vendor and integrated its design tool with the WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform. Users can now place WebFOCUS objects onto an infographics' template and dynamically generate a highly professional visual communication, without coding and without design experience. 

By leveraging WebFOCUS as the underlying platform driving the solution, it is possible to distribute (aka 'burst') hundreds, thousands, even millions of personalized infographics to very large audiences via a single design. Data access, governance and infographic distribution is fully managed by WebFOCUS.

Expand Your BI and Analytics Options

Infographics are a valuable addition to your options for communicating insights to employees, partners, prospects and customers. Your organization can reinforce its brand, by establishing a connection with audiences through compelling designs and aesthetics.

WebFOCUS makes it possible to automate the personalization and distribution of high quality infographics to thousands, or even millions of people via WebFOCUS scheduling and bursting.  

Add WebFOCUS Infographics to your arsenal of BI and analytics capabilities. 

Three Steps to Create and Deliver Infographics

In step 1 content authors login to the infographics design tool and select a template.  These can be created by you, your organization or custom made by our infographics partner. There is also a library of predesigned templates within the tool from which to start.

Once inside the tool it is possible to drag and drop a wide variety of graphical elements onto the canvas, including images, charts, text, and more. Several of these objects (e.g. text, image) can be data driven by adding WebFOCUS tags to them. There are also WebFOCUS chart placeholders, so that when this design is opened in WebFOCUS, dynamic attributes can be added. Once the design is complete, it can be exported to WebFOCUS.

Next, the user opens up WebFOCUS, imports the infographic design, and opens it within the InfoAssist analytics authoring tool. It is possible to select one or more data sources from which to populate the infographic, and organizations can control which data sources (e.g., governed, personal) can be used. 

As seen in the image, the data source metadata appears in the left column, where measures and dimensions can be dragged onto the infographic to populate and drive the final output. Your database might have 5,000 customer names, and a fully personalized infographic can be created for each using parameters and filters, so at run time 5,000 infographics are generated. WebFOCUS charts can be included, whether one of the many standard charts, custom D3, or even the Narrative Charts that include natural language analysis of data.

This final step depends on the author's ultimate goals. The infographic may be intended for an internal audience to highlight corporate performance, e.g. first quarter. In this case, WebFOCUS can run this process once a quarter with the latest data, and then the same infographic can be e-mailed to employees. 

A second and more powerful use case is where the author, perhaps a BI specialist, wants to create a personalized infographic that will be sent to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of prospects or customers. Within WebFOCUS, the infographic can be configured to be executed by the scheduler to create and automatically burst (send) each customized infographic to a database of contacts.

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