Partnering With Information Builders

Technology Partners

Technology Partners provide solutions that complement our business intelligence, analytics, and data management offerings, to streamline deployments and enhance performance.

Why Become an Information Builders Technology Partner?

Technology Partners can add even greater value to their solutions – and ours. Mutual customers can rest assured that our products will work together seamlessly.


Through this program, we aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with partners who provide complementary technologies. They’ll gain access to tools, technical information, and support, and can certify integrations between the offerings.

Join Forces With a Proven Leader

Our Technology Partners can conquer new markets, or expand their presence in existing ones, by working with an organization with a demonstrated record of success. By integrating their technologies with our market-leading, analyst-recognized solutions, Technology Partners can accelerate implementations and extend value.

Become a Member of our Partner Network

Partner agreements are available for every type of technology partner. To get more information or to get started, just fill out contact form.