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Information Builders User Groups are held throughout the year to discuss and disseminate information about WebFOCUS and iWay Software technology. The following is a list of upcoming events. There is no cost to Customers or Partners to attend these meetings.

Take a look at our Upcoming Virtual User Groups offered at no cost.  Contact Kathleen_Butler@ibi.com if you have any questions.

User Group Date Contact Agenda
India September 13 Kathleen Butler
Toronto September 13 Christine DiStasi
D.C. September 14 Brittany Carr (Pope)
Guelph and Surrounding Area September 15 Christine DiStasi
Bay Area September 15 Karen Valdez
Orlando September 16 Shay Creech
Ford (Internal) September 20 Sarah Cook
NC/SC Greensboro September 20 Shay Creech
St. Louis September 20 Sarah Cook
New Jersey September 21 Brittany Carr (Pope)
State of New Jersey September 22 Brittany Carr (Pope)
Jacksonville September 22 Shay Creech
Columbus September 22 Sarah Cook
Omaha September 22 Sarah Cook
Salt Lake City September 22 Karen Valdez
Insperity (Internal) September 27 Shay Creech
New York September 28 Brittany Carr (Pope)
Seattle September 28 Karen Valdez
Atlanta September 29 Shay Creech
Portland September 29 Karen Valdez
Charlotte October 6 Shay Creech
Pittsburgh October 6 Brittany Carr (Pope)
Denver October 6 Karen Valdez
Tallahassee October 12 Shay Creech
Detroit October 13 Sarah Cook
Boise October 13 Karen Valdez
BNSF (Internal) October 14 Shay Creech
San Antonio October 19 Shay Creech
Chattanooga October 21 Shay Creech
Houston October 25 Shay Creech
New England (FUN) October 26 Brittany Carr (Pope)
DTNA (Internal) October 26 Karen Valdez
Chicago October 27 Sarah Cook
University of New Mexico November 1 Karen Valdez
State of Maryland November 3 Brittany Carr (Pope)
South Florida November 3 Shay Creech
Boston November 10 Brittany Carr (Pope)
Indianapolis November 10 Sarah Cook
Dallas November 10 Shay Creech
Arizona November 10 Karen Valdez