Supply-Chain Management

Effective supply-chain management has a profound impact on market share and profitability.

The increasing complexity of today's supply chains, and the information environments that support them, make it difficult to monitor activities, control related risks, and streamline operations, all while meeting evolving customer demands. Access to complete, timely, and accurate supply-chain insight across multiple plants, warehouses, and distribution centers can help improve the supply-chain network from end to end, giving all stakeholders the ability to continuously track, measure, and make improvements.

Information Builders' business intelligence and analytics, integration, and data integrity solutions provide complete visibility into supply chain operations. Information from ERP applications, SCM systems, and other sources can be unified, cleansed, mastered, and harmonized, then made available as actionable insights to employees, customers, and supply chain partners.

With the WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, stakeholders have the real-time, comprehensive insight they need, from sourcing through customer delivery, to increase value and foster a culture of continual tracking, measurement, and improvement across the entire supply-chain network. WebFOCUS provides:

  • Robust BI that enables close monitoring of all supply-chain activities across multiple plants, warehouses, and distribution centers
  • Advanced analytics, including social media analytics, location analytics, and data discovery and visualization to give stakeholders the ability to interact with vital supply-chain information from any combination of internal and external sources
  • Performance management capabilities that allow organizations to define and track proper metrics and measures, such as the SCOR Framework
  • Innovative predictive analytics that make it easy to leverage historical data to anticipate potential risks, forecast demand and supply fluctuations, and control other factors that impact supply-chain performance
  • Web portals and dashboards that provide all stakeholders with a single point of access and sharing for mission-critical supply-chain information
  • Real-time alerts that immediately notify key stakeholders when problems arise

The WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform provides many advanced features for supply chain analysis


iWay technologies empower organizations with robust integration and integrity tools designed to bring together, cleanse, and enrich vital information assets:

  • A broad-reaching integration platform helps to break down supply-chain silos by unifying structured and unstructured information from disparate internal systems, as well as sources maintained by suppliers, logistics providers, and other third parties.
  • Powerful B2B solutions eliminate the need for expensive electronic data interchange (EDI) environments and seamlessly automate order processing and other activities to increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Proactive data quality management tools eliminate the costs associated with bad data by ensuring the accuracy and consistency of supply-chain information at all times.
  • Master data management solutions allow for the creation of a single “golden” record for core business entities, such as suppliers and products.

iWay and Omni products ensure high-quality, well-integrated data throughout the supply chain

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