Accessing, Managing, and Preparing Data
Tech Level: Novice
Wednesday 1:45 - 2:45
Clif Kranish, Information Builders
In this session, we will discuss accessing data via a variety of newly supported data sources, from on-premises relational and NoSQL databases to Hadoop clusters and cloud-based data sources. Attendees will learn about our new data profiling capability, which features dynamic charts that help users understand the distribution of data. This works with small and large data sources alike with representative data sampling. New data preparation capabilities will also be covered, showing how to simplify normalizing data values, removing outliers, and using new statistical functions. Also, attendees will learn how data can be augmented by blending data from disparate data sources. This new capability simplifies data transformation so that business analysts can prepare their data for analysis themselves.
Deep MATCH: Exploring the Possibilities
Tech Level: Intermediate
Thursday 10:00 - 11:00
Walter Blood, Information Builders
MATCH is the other way to bring data together and generate output that can be used for reporting, charting, or graphing. This presentation will explore the MATCH functionality with an emphasis on its unique capabilities: generating and merging hierarchies, providing multiple different sorts, and creating output that includes columns based on varying selection and sort requirements in a single request.
MacGyver Explained
Tech Level: Advanced
Prerequisite: Familiarity with JOINs
Tuesday 2:30 - 3:30
Walter Brengel, Information Builders
The infamous MacGyver technique, named after the TV show of the genius who can fix almost anything with some bubble gum and a paper clip, will be explained. Come see how it works and, more importantly, what you can do with it. Attendees will also be treated to a review of MacGyver file, with several examples showing what can be done with it.
No RESTful for the Weary: Practical Examples Using the WebFOCUS Client Adapter
Tech Level: Novice
Thursday 11:15 - 12:15
Barbara Unverferth, Information Builders
Dana Utter, Information Builders
With the introduction of the WebFOCUS Client adapter in release 8.2.03, using the available RESTful web services has become a snap. With this adapter, synonyms and sample FOCExecs are provided to allow you to easily run these useful web services. This presentation will show you how to configure and run these samples, as well as automating real-life examples. Included will be repository maintenance, creating and running ReportCaster schedules, and monitoring the ReportCaster Distribution Server. Come learn a new way to navigate WebFOCUS administration!
Omni-Gen MDM: Getting Out of a Jam
Tech Level: Advanced
Thursday 3:00 - 4:00
Keith Isom, Information Builders
Open the hood of Omni-Gen MDM and understand the elements of Omni-Gen repositories, deployments and components towards the goal of error debugging and recovery. Topics include the role of EMF Store and Version Control Systems (Subversion & Git), contents of OG Deployment Files, and their location in a deployed OG instance. Special emphasis will be given to DQS Services and debugging and tracing. These topics reduce the mystery of OG deployments and provide you with a path to understanding and correcting your OG projects.
Relational Efficiencies
Tech Level: Novice
Friday 9:15 - 12:00
Renee Teatro, Information Builders
What actually happens under the covers when you run a WebFOCUS relational report? How are various JOIN types generated? Are you aware of how to pass SQL snippets into a WebFOCUS request against a relational data source? What does it take to leverage subqueries? Attendees will gain insights as we answer these questions and more.
ReportCaster: Best New Features in WebFOCUS 8.2
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with ReportCaster
Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00
Maryann Federico, Information Builders
Barry Solomon, Information Builders
What's new with ReportCaster in WebFOCUS 8.2? Find out in this presentation, where both new and experienced WebFOCUS users can learn all about ReportCaster's best new features. Session attendees will journey, step by step, through each of the new features, with exciting details, requirements, and release information for each feature.
Show Don't Tell: Visual Simplicity With WebFOCUS Infographics
Tech Level: Novice
Wednesday 11:15 - 12:15
Jennifer Lalik, Information Builders
We launched WebFOCUS Infographics last year in release 8.2.04, providing users with yet another way to present BI and analytics in a visually stunning, impactful way. In this session, we'll discuss topics such as content, format, audience, and more to help you design and get excited about using this brand new feature. Lots of examples and demos will encourage you to start using this WebFOCUS Infographics to distribute BI to the masses. Show, don't tell is the theme of our partner, This presentation will show you how WebFOCUS and's partnership helps you present your data and insights in the most visually effective way with many examples and also a deep dive demo. .
Speeding Up the HTML Page
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Some knowledge of the AppStudio Composer tool and jQuery
Tuesday 2:30 - 3:30
Maryann Federico, Information Builders
Barry Solomon, Information Builders
In this session, we will demonstrate numerous techniques to speed up the loading of the HTML page. Attendees will join us in exploring search control techniques and allowing controls to be populated only when necessary.
Using File Output Format (HOLD) Files in InfoAssist
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with InfoAssist
Tuesday 3:45 - 4:45
Rene Nunnington, Information Builders
Lee Donaldson, Information Builders
Using File Output Format (HOLD) files can greatly expand the use or performance of queries in InfoAssist. Learn what data formats are available, when to use them, and use cases for improving performance. The session will also cover best practices for HOLD file management.
Variables, Variables, Everywhere
Tech Level: Intermediate
Thursday 1:45 - 2:45
Walter Blood, Information Builders
At the heart of Dialogue Manager are global and local amper variables, which are central to building complex requests, such as guided ad hoc queries, drill-downs, autolinks, etc. Recently, amper variables have also shown up in the Master File, and with the advent of the MFD Profile, they now play a role almost everywhere. This session will demonstrate and explore the use of amper variables, from the navigational Dialogue Manager to the DBA-generating possibilities of the master file profile. We will also look at he new Dialogue Manager Debugger.
WebFOCUS Architecture in a Nutshell
Tech Level: Novice
Tuesday 5:00 - 6:00
Paul Brochon, Information Builders
At its heart, WebFOCUS has a very elegant and robust architecture which has been designed to be efficient, secure, and versatile. With a solid understanding of its underpinnings, you can better configure WebFOCUS for success! In this high-level yet very thorough presentation, the WebFOCUS architecture will be laid out in an easy to follow format. We will build on concepts step-by-step by first laying out the WebFOCUS architecture. Then we'll take a look at several components that you might want to take advantage of to help manage your environment. Next, we will move into the WebFOCUS security framework before we roll into several options around embedding WebFOCUS. Whether you are new to the WebFOCUS platform or have been working with it for years, you are bound to walk away with a greater understanding of the overall WebFOCUS architecture.