Designer Accreditation: Creating Content With WebFOCUS Designer

Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: n/a
Wednesday 11:15 - 12:15
Thursday 11:15 - 12:15
Kathy Kendall, Information Builders
Susan Trommer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers users to author a wide variety of business intelligence (BI) content that can benefit the work group and the enterprise. We will use WebFOCUS Designer to create an assortment of content, highlighting tips and techniques for discovering the valuable information within your data, generating and navigating through interactive content, and delivering meaningful BI insights in the forms of ad hoc queries, reports, and charts. Come see how Designer lets analysts and developers easily create professional, dynamic content that will facilitate your organization's decision-making. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.