Aligning Data Strategy to Analytics Strategy: Getting the Most Out of Your Analytics and BI Investments

Tech Level: For All
Thursday 11:15 - 12:15
Michael Corcoran, Information Builders
Lyndsay Wise, Information Builders
For organizations to get the most out of their analytics investments, they require an end goal. Companies need to understand their challenges in order to make sure they leverage data and analytics to get insights that drive business outcomes. This requires strong strategy planning and development - both for data management and analytics. This presentation provides a framework for developing an integrated data management and analytics strategy to make sure that both inputs and outcomes are taken into account and can be tied to quantitative business value and ROI. Learn the importance of aligning strategies and developing a cohesive approach to analytics. This includes the building blocks of strategic planning in alignment with analytics and data management, and how to ensure that companies leverage their data effectively to ensure analytics success.