Wednesday, Jun 05

10:00 AM

Data Literacy: A Foundation for Succeeding in a Data-Driven World
Tech Level: For All
This IDC Perspective highlights the commonly understood definition of data literacy, provides metrics from IDC's market research exposing the current level of data literacy (that can be used to benchmark your enterprise), and recommends investment areas for raising data literacy. "Data literacy is more than only the ability to effectively use latest business intelligence, analytics, or artificial intelligence tools. It is a capability that can and should be developed at the level of an individual and for the enterprise as a whole," said Dan Vesset, group VP, Analytics and Information Management.
Perspectives | Ends at 11:00 AM

Designer Accreditation: Preparing Data With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Clif Kranish, Information Builders
Susan Trommer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers users to explore and prepare data from a variety of sources for subsequent analysis. We will upload and prepare data from public sources, convert numeric codes to meaningful attributes, discard erroneous data, smooth out ragged data into manageable bins, and blend descriptive data from additional data sources. Come see how WebFOCUS Designer helps analysts and developers take raw data and turn it into easily usable and understandable information sources. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 11:00 AM

Drilldown from WebFOCUS Reporting to Update Your Data
Tech Level: Novice
Mark Derwin, Information Builders
Have you ever looked at a line in a report and thought, "Hmmm...That's just not right?" WebFOCUS Maintain gives you the ability to drill down from that report and update your data. This lab will cover how to create a simple WebFOCUS Report, creating a Maintain application to update your data, and tying the two together.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 11:00 AM

Implementation and Use of Dashboards for Improving Patient Care
Tech Level: For All
Luke Bruneaux, Rhode Island Quality Institute
Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) hosts Rhode Island's Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE), which allows healthcare providers to access complete patient records at the point of care. To complement the HIE, RIQI used Information Builders' software solutions to deliver care management dashboards so that providers can be made aware, in real time, of patient emergency room visits, inpatient admissions, and discharges. This has allowed care providers to intervene at critical moments and provide better quality for their high-risk and general patient populations. This session will discuss the development/implementation journey for these dashboards and provide a live demo if time allows.
Spotlight | Ends at 11:00 AM

iWay Product Innovations and Roadmap
Tech Level: For All
Inessa Gerber, Information Builders
What's the future direction for iWay Software solution? Find out at this session, where we discuss the iWay Software product family and where it's headed. We will introduce new innovations, highlight key functionality updates, and explore the future. Also, the session will include driving factors and product line expansion into various areas across integration and data integrity.
Data | Ends at 11:00 AM

Making Data Actionable for Accountable Care Organizations
Tech Level: For All
Rola Tokatli, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Patrick Grotton, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Normand Sirois, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC) is the second-largest health center in Massachusetts. As such, the organization receives and distributes a lot of information from various accountable care organizations (ACOs) and healthcare organizations (seven health centers, hospitals, and health insurance) to serve its newly formed, in-network Merrimack Valley Accountable Care Organization. To drive down costs while improving services to the local community, GLFHC has vowed to better utilize this plethora of data. Please join GLFHC to explore how the organization manages all its different data sources, processes data into a federated data warehouse, and makes the data actionable by providing stakeholders with dashboards that are relevant and easily consumable.
Spotlight | Ends at 11:00 AM

Taylor-Made: A Discussion of Six Mission-Critical InfoApps
Tech Level: Novice
Mark Lora, Taylor University
This presentation will provide an overview of six InfoApps that are vital to Taylor University and relevant to all higher education institutions. The presenter will demonstrate descriptive and predictive analytics solutions for academics, accreditation, admissions, alumni, advancement, and the academic enrichment centers - all built in the past three years.
Spotlight | Ends at 11:00 AM

WebFOCUS Roadmap
Tech Level: Intermediate
Jim Thorstad, Information Builders
This presentation will review the plan for new features and enhancements in WebFOCUS and related products. Attendees will see detailed schedules and demonstrations of upcoming features and functions. The presentation and demonstration will focus on the competitive advantages and overall benefits of the WebFOCUS product line.
Analytics | Ends at 11:00 AM

11:15 AM

Designer Accreditation: Creating Content With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Kathy Kendall, Information Builders
Susan Trommer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers users to author a wide variety of business intelligence (BI) content that can benefit the work group and the enterprise. We will use WebFOCUS Designer to create an assortment of content, highlighting tips and techniques for discovering the valuable information within your data, generating and navigating through interactive content, and delivering meaningful BI insights in the forms of ad hoc queries, reports, and charts. Come see how Designer lets analysts and developers easily create professional, dynamic content that will facilitate your organization's decision-making. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 12:15 PM

Experience the Power of WebFOCUS Client Security
Tech Level: Novice
Prerequisite: Familiarity with WebFOCUS client
Lori Pieper, Information Builders
Kathy Willis, Information Builders
You've heard about the power of WebFOCUS security, and maybe you've even set up security at your site, but do you feel like you really understand what you are doing? More importantly, do you understand why you are doing what you do? If not, then you need to attend this lab. We will walk through common security scenarios, test them, and use the Effective Policy report as a powerful troubleshooting tool to identify why security is not working as intended.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 12:15 PM

Fast Track Your Way to Success: Accelerate Your Data and Analytics Advantage
Tech Level: Intermediate
Marcy Tait, Information Builders
Fast Track is a program that is offered to our new and existing customers. For our Summit Attendees, this session will cover best practices and techniques that you may have not been exposed to yet. Metadata essentials will be covered as well as managing BI Modular Development Standards.
Analytics | Ends at 12:15 PM

How One Government Agency Uses WebFOCUS for Financial Reporting
Tech Level: For All
Jon Barnum, U.S. Government
A prominent government agency uses WebFOCUS to provide reporting, dashboards, and portals for financial reporting. This presentation will include high-level discussions on this agency's use of WebFOCUS features and capabilities.
Spotlight | Ends at 12:15 PM

Make Analytics Actionable With Embedded and Mobile BI
Tech Level: For All
David Menninger, Ventana Research
Mark Smith, Ventana Research
Analytics should lead to action. Too often, the analysis ends with a dashboard and the rest of the exercise is left to the reader. In this session, see how embedded and mobile business intelligence (BI) can take decision-making to the next level. Presenters will share Ventana Research findings on embedded and mobile BI along with an assessment of Information Builders ability to deliver these capabilities based on the firm's 2019 Value Index Assessments.
Perspectives | Ends at 12:15 PM

Omni-Gen Roadmap
Tech Level: For All
Craig Sanders, Information Builders
Don Bowers, Information Builders
Omni-Gen is Information Builders' powerful and comprehensive data integration platform. This session will highlight existing product functionality and the roadmap for new and exciting features and products.
Data | Ends at 12:15 PM

Show Don't Tell: Visual Simplicity With WebFOCUS Infographics
Tech Level: Novice
Jennifer Lalik, Information Builders
We launched WebFOCUS Infographics last year in release 8.2.04, providing users with yet another way to present BI and analytics in a visually stunning, impactful way. In this session, we'll discuss topics such as content, format, audience, and more to help you design and get excited about using this brand new feature. Lots of examples and demos will encourage you to start using this WebFOCUS Infographics to distribute BI to the masses. Show, don't tell is the theme of our partner, This presentation will show you how WebFOCUS and's partnership helps you present your data and insights in the most visually effective way with many examples and also a deep dive demo. .
Fundamentals | Ends at 12:15 PM

1:45 PM

Accessing, Managing, and Preparing Data
Tech Level: Novice
Clif Kranish, Information Builders
In this session, we will discuss accessing data via a variety of newly supported data sources, from on-premises relational and NoSQL databases to Hadoop clusters and cloud-based data sources. Attendees will learn about our new data profiling capability, which features dynamic charts that help users understand the distribution of data. This works with small and large data sources alike with representative data sampling. New data preparation capabilities will also be covered, showing how to simplify normalizing data values, removing outliers, and using new statistical functions. Also, attendees will learn how data can be augmented by blending data from disparate data sources. This new capability simplifies data transformation so that business analysts can prepare their data for analysis themselves.
Fundamentals | Ends at 2:45 PM

Data and the Path to Community Safety
Tech Level: Novice
Greg Stanisci, The Regional Municipality of York Police Services
Clearly defining objectives to improving community safety was a path that York Regional Police (YRP) traveled for six. Having achieved its goals, the agency continues to push forward. Join Greg Stanisci as he shares YRPs data-driven journey toward improving community safety! This presentation will touch on topics such as: identifying the real potential of data, building interest and excitement, using data to make a difference, the need for dashboards, business impact vs. technical design, agility, leveraging vendor expertise, and keeping the data dream alive.
Spotlight | Ends at 2:45 PM

Designer Accreditation: Developing Applications With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Latha Gunashekaran, Information Builders
Angela Hildack, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers developers to assemble content and create responsive InfoApps to deploy awesome analytical dashboards. Attend this session to learn all the powerful features offered by WebFOCUS Designer, including the creation of multi-content responsive containers, filters, styling, and customization using API's. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 2:45 PM

Earning Trust: Understanding Master Data Management and Data Quality
Tech Level: For All
Donna Burbank, Global Data Strategy, Ltd
Karen Lopez, InfoAdvisors
We all want to achieve a data-driven culture, but that means getting employees to trust the data more than they trust their gut. Bad data reinforces that tendency and reduces their willingness to become more data-driven. In this presentation Donna Burbank and Karen Lopez will discuss how master data management (MDM) and data quality initiatives can make it easier for people to trust the data given to them and make the right decisions instead of lapsing back into bad habits.
Perspectives | Ends at 2:45 PM

Introducing the New Trading Partner Manager
Tech Level: Novice
Brian Lehrhoff, Information Builders
Inessa Gerber, Information Builders
Come to this to meet the new Trading Partner manager product. We will discuss the new capabilities and features, and provide a live demonstration of how Trading Partner integrates and drives the E-commerce adapters and their new batching capabilities.
Data | Ends at 2:45 PM

Introduction to WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: For All
Kathy Kendall, Information Builders
See what's new and what's coming in the WebFOCUS Designer product! This presentation focuses on the production Designer release, plans for 2019, and how the product team is positioning Designer relative to InfoAssist and AppStudio. By the time we're done, you'll know how and why WebFOCUS Designer is transforming the way business analysts and developers visualize data and publish impactful applications.
BI and Analytics | Ends at 2:45 PM

IoT Analytics and Real-Time Visualizations: Best Practices and Strategies
Tech Level: Intermediate
Dan Carotenuto, Information Builders
This session will discuss how to leverage WebFOCUS and iWay real-time visualizations for analytics applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). Topics include best practices, strategies, and architecture considerations, for functions such as predictive maintenance, asset management, fleet optimization, and customer relationship management.
Analytics | Ends at 2:45 PM

Snazzy HTML Pages With WebFOCUS App Studio
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with App Studio and Windows
David Glick, Information Builders
Larry Braun, Information Builders
The HTML Canvas in WebFOCUS App Studio is a robust developer tool for creating HTML pages with content, controls, and animations. There have been many enhancements added to make your pages exciting. Come to this lab to experience the creation of these pages.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 2:45 PM

3:00 PM

AI and IOT: How AI Can Perform Vital Decision-Making Tasks in Selecting Tools for Action and Analysis
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with iWay or WebFOCUS
Joe Rudich, Information Builders
When an enterprise is fully committed to the Internet of Things (IoT), it may have thousands of sensors or devices to monitor or take action. Given that resources, both human and automated, are limited, which ones are important? What is the priority? This lab will use simple tools for machine learning, model training, and action sets so AI can decide which messages or actions are best for iWay process automation, WebFOCUS dashboards, Omni remediation, or immediate intervention by humans or other processes to prevent catastrophic results. This lab intends to provide attendees with take-away skills they can use to create a digital assistant to help with in-real-life (IRL) problems. It will showcase a full IOT device lifecycle and it is NOT intended for data science experts.
Data Labs | Ends at 4:00 PM

AI for Revenue Cycle: Integrating Analytics With Machine Learning
Tech Level: For All
John Williamson, RCM Brain Inc.
Come join this session for an overview of RCM Brain's journey from core technology to robust platform, leveraging embedded WebFOCUS and Information Builders' partner developers. Hear how WebFOCUS provides the company with visualizations of real-time financial and productivity performance management, along with deep insights into machine learning pattern identification.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

Designer Accreditation: Creating Portals With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Samuel Massie, Information Builders
Jennifer Lalik, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer allows developers to organize dashboard pages into Portals, which provide the best interface for role-specific applications that present curated content as well as providing tools and collaboration features. Come to this session to see how WebFOCUS Designer lets analysts and developers create dynamic Portals that will facilitate your organization's decision-making. This lab is one of the four free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 4:00 PM

Enterprise Usage Management: Vital Tracking and Analysis of Your WebFOCUS Deployment
Tech Level: Intermediate
Mark Nesson, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Enterprise Usage Monitor (EUM) provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your WebFOCUS deployment, including the reporting server, database server, and mid-tier applications, as well as your users. As an optional, standalone add-on to WebFOCUS Resource Analyzer, EUM extends and enhances resource tracking and management capabilities by allowing you to analyze and visualize vital resource management metrics, such as the most frequently run reports, response times, and the number of reports generated by time of day.
Analytics | Ends at 4:00 PM

ReportCaster: Best New Features in WebFOCUS 8.2
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with ReportCaster
Maryann Federico, Information Builders
Barry Solomon, Information Builders
What's new with ReportCaster in WebFOCUS 8.2? Find out in this presentation, where both new and experienced WebFOCUS users can learn all about ReportCaster's best new features. Session attendees will journey, step by step, through each of the new features, with exciting details, requirements, and release information for each feature.
Fundamentals | Ends at 4:00 PM

Using Omni-Gen a as a Data Management Framework
Tech Level: Intermediate
Vincent Deeney, Information Builders
In this session, attendees will learn how Omni-Gen can be used to create a managed data framework. Also, you'll learn about loading data, security, and creating operational data stores for reporting. Additionally, information on how to enable security, history, auditing, and data quality on non-mastered subjects will be discussed.
Data | Ends at 4:00 PM

Visualizing Non-Profit Performance at United Way
Tech Level: For All
Jeff Elder, United Way Worldwide
Marie Eberlein, United Way Worldwide
Learn how United Way has vastly improved its info-sharing capacity. Most recently, United Way integrated more impact data from its Global Results Framework. For the first time ever, the organization has been able to visualize 2-1-1 data using need requests from 240 call centers across the country, which handle more than 15 million calls annually. Attend this session to learn how.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

Women in Tech Panel Discussion and Networking Event
Tech Level: For All
Melissa Treier, Information Builders
Join us for an interactive session that will be informative for both men and women. The panel will discuss the current barriers women face in the tech industry, how they are able to achieve success, navigate the workplace, promote ways to be inclusive and help other women as well as the next generation. A Women in Tech networking reception will follow.
Perspectives | Ends at 4:00 PM