Thursday, Jun 06

10:00 AM

Chili's Mobile Dashboard: Using WebFOCUS to Empower Company Leaders
Tech Level: For All
Bao Ton, Brinker International
Chili's developed its Restaurant Analytics Portal last year, but the information was too much to consume via mobile device. The company decided to develop a separate portal for 10 key metrics its leadership needed to focus on. Chili's looked into several mobile offers from Information Builders, opting for the Responsive Portal. In this session, you'll hear about the journey, choices made, and successes. The company was also able to leverage bootstrap and JQuery to give end-users a great experience.
Spotlight | Ends at 11:00 AM

Deep MATCH: Exploring the Possibilities
Tech Level: Intermediate
Walter Blood, Information Builders
MATCH is the other way to bring data together and generate output that can be used for reporting, charting, or graphing. This presentation will explore the MATCH functionality with an emphasis on its unique capabilities: generating and merging hierarchies, providing multiple different sorts, and creating output that includes columns based on varying selection and sort requirements in a single request.
Fundamentals | Ends at 11:00 AM

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
Tech Level: For All
Aditya Sriram, Information Builders
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of enabling a computer to perform a specific task without providing explicit instructions. AI is the hottest buzz word in tech, and with good reason. Recent breakthroughs have seen a number of techniques previously reserved for science fiction slowly transforming into science fact. With current technologies, one can use AI to achieve unprecedented expert-level accuracy for diverse applications. However, using AI algorithms requires a good understanding of their requirements and limitations. In this session, we will clearly define AI nomenclature, and explore the potential and challenges of using AI technologies to efficiently solve real-world problems.
Perspectives | Ends at 11:00 AM

Designer Accreditation: Preparing Data With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Clif Kranish, Information Builders
Susan Trommer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers users to explore and prepare data from a variety of sources for subsequent analysis. We will upload and prepare data from public sources, convert numeric codes to meaningful attributes, discard erroneous data, smooth out ragged data into manageable bins, and blend descriptive data from additional data sources. Come see how WebFOCUS Designer helps analysts and developers take raw data and turn it into easily usable and understandable information sources. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 11:00 AM

Managing Risk, Compliance, and Data With ReportCaster
Tech Level: Intermediate
Corey Obermiller, State Employees Credit Union
Kyle Gunter, State Employees Credit Union
Every day, SECU uses ReportCaster to notify more than 270 branches of vital actions for regulatory compliance, notifies users through subscriptions and archives previous versions. Each month 45 reports are run and made available to VPs and SVPs using report libraries. Join us as we discuss our solutions, configuration, and integration with our external scheduling system.
Spotlight | Ends at 11:00 AM

Mapping Roadmap and Techniques: Insights That Go Beyond Reports and Charts
Tech Level: For All
Mithu Datta, Information Builders
Mark Winslow, Information Builders
Digital data is exploding as businesses consistently gather more data than ever. Information Builders offers mapping integration with WebFOCUS, to enable location data that can provide actionable insights based on spatial patterns in data. This presentation will cover the past, present, and future of the various integration capabilities of WebFOCUS mapping. There will also be a preview of WebFOCUS Designer maps with multiple layers.
Analytics | Ends at 11:00 AM

Modernizing Your Data Integration Strategy
Tech Level: Intermediate
Dennis McLaughlin, Information Builders
Jake Freivald, Information Builders
Traditional data integration approaches have always been long on source-to-target movement but short on actual integration of data. In this session, we will discuss how to develop a modern data framework for standardizing and simplifying data acquisition and streamlining harmonization of data. This allows for simple to complex data transformation, including treatment for master data and history, while reliably providing consumable data for business intelligence (BI) and other uses. Also, instead of relying on typical complex, hard-to-modify data warehouse processes, there will be a discussion on how to do all of this within a manageable environment that provides transparency for business consumers and IT professionals via catalogs, metadata, and lineage.
Data | Ends at 11:00 AM

What's New With the Omni-Gen Workbench
Tech Level: Novice
Craig Sanders, Information Builders
Don Bowers, Information Builders
Be one of the first to get hands-on with the new features of Omni-Gen!
Data Labs | Ends at 11:00 AM

11:15 AM

Advanced Analytics and Data Science in WebFOCUS
Tech Level: For All
Ira Kaplan, Information Builders
In a 2017 Forrester Research survey, 99 percent of respondents said data science is an important discipline for their organizations. Data science builds predictive models by discovering patterns in streaming and historical data, and driving more accurate and efficient decision-making. Join us for an overview of data science, best practices, and use cases across various industries. We will demonstrate WebFOCUS RStat, Python and R adapters, Jupyter notebooks, and WebFOCUS Reporting Server console statistical functions.
Analytics | Ends at 12:15 PM

Aligning Data Strategy to Analytics Strategy: Getting the Most Out of Your Analytics and BI Investments
Tech Level: For All
Michael Corcoran, Information Builders
Lyndsay Wise, Information Builders
For organizations to get the most out of their analytics investments, they require an end goal. Companies need to understand their challenges in order to make sure they leverage data and analytics to get insights that drive business outcomes. This requires strong strategy planning and development - both for data management and analytics. This presentation provides a framework for developing an integrated data management and analytics strategy to make sure that both inputs and outcomes are taken into account and can be tied to quantitative business value and ROI. Learn the importance of aligning strategies and developing a cohesive approach to analytics. This includes the building blocks of strategic planning in alignment with analytics and data management, and how to ensure that companies leverage their data effectively to ensure analytics success.
Perspectives | Ends at 12:15 PM

Big Data in a Small World: Using iWay Service Manager to Handle All Your Data Needs
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Basic data processing
Joe Rudich, Information Builders
Kam Wong, Information Builders
This presentation will discuss the tooling in iWay Service Manager (iSM) that enables processing of all types of data, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured from a variety of places (Internet of Things, standard databases, APIs, and other sources), and using new iSM components without creating a big data infrastructure. Current iSM components and a peek at new components arriving will be discussed, along with tips and techniques for using these tools.
Data | Ends at 12:15 PM

Designer Accreditation: Creating Content With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: n/a
Kathy Kendall, Information Builders
Susan Trommer, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers users to author a wide variety of business intelligence (BI) content that can benefit the work group and the enterprise. We will use WebFOCUS Designer to create an assortment of content, highlighting tips and techniques for discovering the valuable information within your data, generating and navigating through interactive content, and delivering meaningful BI insights in the forms of ad hoc queries, reports, and charts. Come see how Designer lets analysts and developers easily create professional, dynamic content that will facilitate your organization's decision-making. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 12:15 PM

Getting an Advantage in Supplier Negotiations With WebFOCUS
Tech Level: Intermediate
Janne Saarinen, Dahl Finland
Paivi Suutarinen, Infobuild Oy
Dahl Finland's goal was to take advantage of the company's data in order to support the procurement department's business operations. The business value is not only meant to help decision-making and access great insights from the data, but also to save vast amounts of time searching and collecting data from several different reports. Attend this session to hear how Dahl Finland did it.
Spotlight | Ends at 12:15 PM

No RESTful for the Weary: Practical Examples Using the WebFOCUS Client Adapter
Tech Level: Novice
Barbara Unverferth, Information Builders
Dana Utter, Information Builders
With the introduction of the WebFOCUS Client adapter in release 8.2.03, using the available RESTful web services has become a snap. With this adapter, synonyms and sample FOCExecs are provided to allow you to easily run these useful web services. This presentation will show you how to configure and run these samples, as well as automating real-life examples. Included will be repository maintenance, creating and running ReportCaster schedules, and monitoring the ReportCaster Distribution Server. Come learn a new way to navigate WebFOCUS administration!
Fundamentals | Ends at 12:15 PM

Omni-Gen Consumption Builder
Tech Level: For All
Eric De La Garza, Information Builders
Don Bowers, Information Builders
The Omni-Gen Consumption View enables organizations to leverage existing data to generate valuable actionable insights, which leads to tangible business results. In this lab, you will build several consumption views for different types of users. You will explore various features of the Consumption View product, which will enable you to create unique slices of data for specific business purposes. You'll also learn how to create and populate your consumption model and expose it to the external users. Lastly, this session will show you how to use WebFOCUS to report from generated data and perform business analytics.
Data Labs | Ends at 12:15 PM

Procurement Analytics for Utilities
Tech Level: Intermediate
Neeraj Masson, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
One of the largest water and waste-water utilities in the U.S. provides business users with easy access to procurement data to improve transparency and operational performance across their enterprise. With so many vendors, contracts, transactions and accounts, and other complexities, the reporting tool embedded in its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution wasn't providing end-users the flexibility they needed to track, report, and analyze financial information. Having successfully implemented WebFOCUS for key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission turned to Information Builders for its procurement reporting and analytics. In this session, WSSC representatives will talk about how WebFOCUS can be used for secure, self-service procurement analytics, and enable business users across the enterprise to securely navigate through charts of accounts; create, edit, save, and schedule their own reports; and make better operational, tactical, or strategic spending decisions. WSSC will also detail its journey implementing WebFOCUS and the hurdles, lessons, and best practices learned along the way.
Spotlight | Ends at 12:15 PM

12:30 PM

Industry Networking Lunch
Network, mingle, and lunch with individuals within your industry and learn how they are using Information Builders products and services.
Events and Meals | Ends at 1:30 PM

1:45 PM

Business Case For Migrating From WebFOCUS 8.2.x With Responsive Design Framework To WebFOCUS 8.2.05
Tech Level: Novice
Patrick Bobrukiewicz, Ros Technology Services
Mark Sheridan, Ros Technology Services
Rosnet's PowerCenter restaurant management system is used by successful restaurant operators around the world, including Houlihan's, IHOP, Applebee's, Wendys, and Panera Bread Co. Attend this session to learn how Rosnet builds and delivers custom, self-service analytics applications in the cloud to help these restaurant operators improve profitability and drive internal efficiencies by providing accurate data to analyze food costs, labor costs, and many essential service metrics. You'll learn how they utilize enterprise domains for segregation of metadata, reporting by client, and leverage Web Services to set access levels for content viewable by the end users.
Spotlight | Ends at 2:45 PM

Collaborative Portal for Showcasing Colorado State University (CSU), Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE) Data
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with InfoAssist and App Studio
Reena Khosla, Colorado State University
Colorado State University's (CSU) Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE) office recently developed an Interactive Portal. Come hear about the university's process for creating highly parameterized, guided reports and charts, as well as sorting columns selected in a different order than how they are displayed in App Studio. You'll see how CSU created a visually appealing dashboard using Collaborative Portal, Portal Page, HTML Canvas, Reports, and Graphs, and how these coalesce in CSU-IRPE's Interactive Portal. The finished product enables functions from many different reports to be combined into one powerful, flexible dashboard.
Spotlight | Ends at 2:45 PM

Designer Accreditation: Developing Applications With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Latha Gunashekaran, Information Builders
Angela Hildack, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer empowers developers to assemble content and create responsive InfoApps to deploy awesome analytical dashboards. Attend this session to learn all the powerful features offered by WebFOCUS Designer, including the creation of multi-content responsive containers, filters, styling, and customization using API's. This lab is one of the four, free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 2:45 PM

Developing a Robust Data Foundation for Success: Insights EDW Initiative
Tech Level: For All
Amanda Mazza, St Luke's University Health Network
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning are all hot topics in healthcare analytics. These technologies have their place and will grow in use, but they require a data foundation to be truly leveraged. The challenge for healthcare organizations' post-EHR implementation is setting the data foundation necessary to move into the world of value-based, consumer-driven care. Attend this session to see how a proper data foundation sets the stage to close the data to information gap by properly integrating, enriching, and harmonizing data to ensure its quality.
Spotlight | Ends at 2:45 PM

iWay Applications: Best Practices With a Social Twist
Tech Level: Novice
Inessa Gerber, Information Builders
Walter Zublionis, Information Builders
This lab will explore the world of iWay integration products while implementing an interactive application. Users will create various components, including business flows, APIs, and deployment profiles, all using the latest iWay technology. This lab will guide you through best practices for application design while using fun connectors such as Slack and others. Participants will be able to exchange messages with each other in this interactive and fun experience.
Data Labs | Ends at 2:45 PM

Unlocking Offender Data to Better Serve Society
Tech Level: For All
Christopher Elton, Attenti Group
Marita Locklear, Attenti Group
Ever wonder what happens when an offender or suspected offender is released on electronic monitoring? The Attenti Group stores data and information to that end, and uses WebFOCUS and App Studio to assist enforcement agencies to better understand data. These insights enables Attenti to focus their resources on making sure society is safe for all.
Spotlight | Ends at 2:45 PM

Tech Level: Novice
Clif Kranish, Information Builders
Vincent Deeney, Information Builders
More than ever, organizations are relying on for customer relationship management (CRM), and thanks to cloud-based services, companies no longer need to install any software: it's all available from a browser. Information Builders' customers that use want the same access to analytics, visualizations, and insights as they have with data stored on-premises. In this session, you'll see how our adapter provides that access, and how it can be blended with other data sources. You'll hear about recent enhancements to facilitate loading data to and extracting large volumes of data for analysis in a local database. We will also explore the journey of a customer who makes use of these capabilities with Omni-Gen.
Analytics | Ends at 2:45 PM

Variables, Variables, Everywhere
Tech Level: Intermediate
Walter Blood, Information Builders
At the heart of Dialogue Manager are global and local amper variables, which are central to building complex requests, such as guided ad hoc queries, drill-downs, autolinks, etc. Recently, amper variables have also shown up in the Master File, and with the advent of the MFD Profile, they now play a role almost everywhere. This session will demonstrate and explore the use of amper variables, from the navigational Dialogue Manager to the DBA-generating possibilities of the master file profile. We will also look at he new Dialogue Manager Debugger.
Fundamentals | Ends at 2:45 PM

3:00 PM

Converting the Bill of Lading Report from JReport to WebFOCUS
Tech Level: Advanced
Prerequisite: Familarity with WebFOCUS
Keith Freers, BluJay Solutions, Co.
BluJay Solutions, Co. was tasked with converting a report from an outdated legacy software called JReport to a WebFOCUS report. The Bill of Lading form is a legal document that is used by many customers in the transportation industry and needed to look exactly the same as the current report. Originally, it was developed in WebFOCUS from scratch using only the WebFOCUS language. No GUI was used in creating the report. In this session, you'll hear BluJay Solutions share the successes, challenges, and what was learned along the way while converting the report.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

Designer Accreditation: Creating Portals With WebFOCUS Designer
Tech Level: Intermediate
Samuel Massie, Information Builders
Jennifer Lalik, Information Builders
WebFOCUS Designer allows developers to organize dashboard pages into Portals, which provide the best interface for role-specific applications that present curated content as well as providing tools and collaboration features. Come to this session to see how WebFOCUS Designer lets analysts and developers create dynamic Portals that will facilitate your organization's decision-making. This lab is one of the four free WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation prep sessions being offered at Summit.
Designer Labs | Ends at 4:00 PM

Filling in Pieces of the BI Puzzle With Master Data
Tech Level: For All
Jakub Bartak, DataArch s.r.o.
The BI reports and analytics are only as good as the underlying data. Various data entry defects and siloed information create scenarios where the resulting reports have either low trust factor or require labor intensive alterations and verifications to produce useful results. We will explore together how master data management can help you fill in the missing pieces of the data puzzle to provide a rock-solid data foundation for your BI needs.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

iWay Service Manager on the Edge
Tech Level: Novice
Walter Zublionis, Information Builders
Inessa Gerber, Information Builders
In this lab, we will walk our customers through building a process flow using various iWay Service Manager (iSM) Edges that are used to connect pflow objects. We will show how to customize edges to route messages, explain how to view what edges are returned from each object, and build reusable error handling pflow. Also, attendees will learn how to maintain important information about a message when an error/notification is processed.
Data Labs | Ends at 4:00 PM

Omni-Gen MDM: Getting Out of a Jam
Tech Level: Advanced
Keith Isom, Information Builders
Open the hood of Omni-Gen MDM and understand the elements of Omni-Gen repositories, deployments and components towards the goal of error debugging and recovery. Topics include the role of EMF Store and Version Control Systems (Subversion & Git), contents of OG Deployment Files, and their location in a deployed OG instance. Special emphasis will be given to DQS Services and debugging and tracing. These topics reduce the mystery of OG deployments and provide you with a path to understanding and correcting your OG projects.
Fundamentals | Ends at 4:00 PM

Operational Self-Service Financial Reporting
Tech Level: Novice
Kevin Patterson, Appalachian State University
When business users spread across disparate departments needed to create, run, and manage their own reports, the embedded reporting tool wasn't cutting it. Departmental administrators struggled to balance their budgets and needed a powerful but flexible secure, self-service reporting tool. This session will detail one organization's journey to achieve secure, role-based, self-service financial reporting for their enterprise.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

Reassessing a BI and Analytics Project: Shifting Gears to Gain More Traction
Tech Level: Novice
Grace Auh, Markham Stouffville Hospital
After producing several business intelligence (BI) products for its users, Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) had to pause, evaluate the journey, and shift direction to gain more traction and take MSH to the next level. The result? An elevated BI culture. In this session, you'll learn about MSH's recently introduced "QBP Executive Summary" and "Clinical Impact Assessment Summary," which combines clinical, financial, and utilization data at the physician and program levels. User adoption and scalability have grown through enhanced data modeling, visualization, and drill-down capabilities, leading to increased user satisfaction.
Spotlight | Ends at 4:00 PM

WebFOCUS Integration with Google Analytics, BigQuery, Dynamics 365, Yammer, and Slack
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: REST Adapter
Efrem Litwin, Information Builders
This presentation takes you through the process of integrating WebFOCUS with applications like Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, YouTube, Dynamics 365, Yammer, and Slack. Oauth security , which is used by these applications, will also be discussed. The attendees will gain knowledge on what to look for when integrating with other applications via their respective APIs.
Analytics | Ends at 4:00 PM