Friday, Jun 07

9:15 AM

Best Practices for Data Quality
Tech Level: For All
Keith Isom, Information Builders
This super-session consolidates the academic, technical, and commercial discussion on the concept of data quality and its definition, measurement, and valuation. Specific topics include domain choice, codes and location reference data sets, repair, normalization, identity resolution, and sampling versus whole-set processing. The goal is to list the common decision points and typical choices, some of which are recognized best practices. Using Data Quality Server as a data quality tool-set and Omni-Gen as a master data framework, these critical concepts, choices, and recommendations will be demonstrated live.
Enterprise | Ends at 12:00 PM

Dashboards and Applications: Best Practices From Planning to Deployment
Tech Level: For All
Kevin Kratzer, Information Builders
Ben Naphtali, Information Builders
Mark Winslow, Information Builders
Do you create dashboards? How about analytical applications? Do you look at a project before it starts and wonder, "Where do I start and what are the things I should consider?" Come to this session, where we will discuss best practices around dashboards and analytical application design through implementation. You'll leave with an understanding of how to design analytical assets that deliver valuable insights and drive user adoption, all while ensuring the security of the data. We will cover topics such as the use of demographic data and maps in dashboards and applications. We will also look into some of the design elements that help drive user adoption and make insights easy to identify. We will discuss the importance of data staging, when to do it, and when to go after more current/real-time data. Finally, no application can be deployed to the masses without considering and implementing the security behind it. Get an understanding of what security considerations should be address in the planning stage as well as practical implementation best practices to ensure the security of the data you are using.
Enterprise | Ends at 12:00 PM

Describing Yesterday and Predicting Tomorrow: Calculations for Operational Analytics
Tech Level: Intermediate
Walter Blood, Information Builders
Walter Brengel, Information Builders
Whether you are trying to match supply to demand, or predict sales for the next few weeks, WebFOCUS offers a variety of descriptive and predictive statistical tools that can help you refine your data in useful and actionable information. This session will review the use of the descriptive tools such as means, modes, and medians, and demonstrate the use of standard deviations and variances. See how forecasting techniques based on the new statistical functionality, including moving averages, weighted moving averages, and multiple types of regression, can enable you to see beyond today in a meaningful way.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 10:30 AM

Optimizing Your Enterprise: Performance and Scalability
Tech Level: Advanced
Mark Nesson, Information Builders
WebFOCUS interacts with countless systems and databases, and is the most scalable in the industry. This extended session will walk you through the best practices needed to tune and scale WebFOCUS with optimal configuration and performance. Different platforms will be covered, including LINUX, Windows, and UNIX. Join us to see how to identify bottlenecks in your environment and put WebFOCUS in high gear! Bring your concerns so they can be discussed.
Enterprise | Ends at 12:00 PM

Relational Efficiencies
Tech Level: Novice
Renee Teatro, Information Builders
What actually happens under the covers when you run a WebFOCUS relational report? How are various JOIN types generated? Are you aware of how to pass SQL snippets into a WebFOCUS request against a relational data source? What does it take to leverage subqueries? Attendees will gain insights as we answer these questions and more.
Fundamentals | Ends at 12:00 PM

Wonder Why the Demos Look So Easy? Metadata Magic!
Tech Level: Novice
Lori Pieper, Information Builders
Heidi Bale, Information Builders
This lab will bridge the gap between the demos you see and the underlying metadata that makes content development look like magic. It will show how easy metadata enrichment can translate to the ease of use in tools like InfoAssist, WebFOCUS Designer, App Studio, etc. For example, adding business definitions in your metadata ensures consistency and reusability. This and other metadata enhancements can provide a more repeatable and maintainable foundation for your business intelligence.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 10:30 AM

10:45 AM

Excel Solutions: Tips and Techniques
Tech Level: Novice
Prerequisite: App Studio experience.
Michelle Moody, Information Builders
Robert Recker, Information Builders
Microsoft Excel continues to be one of the most popular tools for storing, accessing, and analyzing business information. This hands-on lab provides tips and techniques for building complex, multi-sheet workbooks that take advantage of the latest in WebFOCUS and spreadsheet technology. Examples will demonstrate enhanced features available to generate the Excel XLSX workbooks, as well as key styling techniques that will be useful across all report formats.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 12:00 PM

Snazzy HTML Pages With WebFOCUS App Studio
Tech Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Familiarity with App Studio and Windows
David Glick, Information Builders
Larry Braun, Information Builders
The HTML Canvas in WebFOCUS App Studio is a robust developer tool for creating HTML pages with content, controls, and animations. There have been many enhancements added to make your pages exciting. Come to this lab to experience the creation of these pages.
Analytics Labs | Ends at 12:00 PM