SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) Solutions

Use service adapters to create an enterprise SOA that leverages functionality locked up in ERP, CRM, SCM, mainframe, J2EE (Java) and .NET applications.

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a collection of standards-based interfaces to business functions. Composite applications leverage an SOA through open standards and comprise already existing systems and processes. An SOA consists of service and event interfaces to both legacy systems and newer application that are built on top of platforms like BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle 10g and Sun Java Enterprise System.

A properly designed EAI infrastructure relies on a SOA to create reusable integrated business processes. Developers and non-developers create these processes using graphical tools that model business processes. The SOA serves as the foundation for the integrated enterprise as it shields developers from technical complexities becomes the common platform for business functionality.

iWay Software has been creating scalable, secure, high-performing connections to disparate enterprise information systems for 30 years. Today, that unparalleled body of work is embodied in the iWay Universal Adapter Suite, which provides the solid, agile foundation of an enterprise's service-oriented architecture (SOA).