Our Customers

Lipari Foods

Regional wholesale food distributor operating in 12 states across the Midwest and surrounding areas.

The Challenge

The company needed a dynamic, real-time visual analytics environment to optimize operations while building a massive $40 million warehouse. Traditional bar and pie charts weren’t doing the job.

The Strategy

Lipari leveraged WebFOCUS to develop a responsive sales portal and visual warehouse, connecting their sales and supply-chain data to a color-coded virtual map of the new facility.

Joe Beydoun
Vice President of Technology

WebFOCUS dashboards and our new visual warehouse have made Lipari much more proactive. We are confident that all aspects of our warehouse, and our sales operations, are running exactly as they should be.

The Outcome

Now everyone, from executive staff to sales reps, can track the entire supply-chain process and know exactly where inventory is located, how quickly it is moving, which products have shipped, and whether sales targets and delivery deadlines are being met.