WebFOCUS Platform Overview

WebFOCUS is a strategic enterprise BI and analytics platform that enables any executive, manager, analyst, employee, partner and customer to execute smarter business from trusted data.  The platform itself is packed with cutting-edge capabilities that provide organizations with everything they need to turn data into insight, and insight into impact.

WebFOCUS provides one-stop BI shopping via an integrated portfolio of centralized and decentralized capabilities, including data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics,and operational intelligence in a single platform, coupled with an exceptional user experience.

There are multiple core competencies of WebFOCUS that enable it to be a modern, holistic and strategic BI and analytics technology. Here is a Top Ten overview:

  1. Pervasiveness. A single enterprise grade platform able to deliver a broad range of intelligence and analytics to any type of user, whether through sophisticated authoring, self-service tools for non-techical users, guided and ad-hoc InfoApps, advanced analytics such as predictive, and a variety of user-friendly interactive outputs.
  2. Scalability. Perhaps the most scalable platform architecture in existence, able to deploy highly secure applications to thousands, even millions of users, often outside of the corporate firewall.
  3. Governance. Comprehensive governance to enable metadata driven delivery of trusted information and content, available at the data, analytical and user levels.
  4. IT Friendly. A highly IT friendly platform, providing powerful provisioning and deployment of trusted applications and self-service environments from any combination of data sources.
  5. Operationalize. The ability to extend support beyond management and analysts, by operationalizing intelligence for line-of-business employees where the impact is closest to the business.
  6. Business Friendly.  A highly business-user friendly platform, providing a wealth of functionality to support non-technical users from analytical rookies to data savvy analysts.
  7. Self-service capabilities that far exceed the current market offerings, including advanced reporting, collaboration, portals, dashboards and visual data discovery in a single web-based interface.
  8. Self-service progression, where consumers can become authors, supporting their own needs, and then operationalzing and embedding findings to benefit the whole enterprise.
  9. Adoption accelerator, able to deliver content, apps and self-service to all user types, on their terms (e.g. mobile), with relevant and intuitive analytics based on their skills and needs.
  10. Feature and Function. A comprehensive portfolio of product features that enable the authoring, support and delivery of a wide range of BI and analytics:


Choose from Three Editions

Three editions of WebFOCUS are designed to deliver the many benefits of governed self-service apps and tools to your entire universe of business stakeholders, from management to analysts to operational employees to partners to customers. These integrated editions provide the best opportunity to better visualize insights, operationalize decision-making, and monetize your data investments.  They are:
  • Business User Edition.  Self-service analytics for teams and workgroups of up to 100 non-technical business users and analysts.
  • Application Edition.  Sophisticated application authoring and deployment of highly customized self-service analytical applications and self-service tools to a wide range of users.
  • Enterprise Edition. Sophisticated application authoring and deployment of strategic analytical applications to thousands or even millions of users, often customer-facing and outside of the corporate firewall.

Here is a sampling of outputs from WebFOCUS:

When it comes to information delivery, one approach does not fit all.

To give everyone the power to make better decisions, it makes sense to give the right tool -- or the right app -- to the right user. Information specialists and developers need easy to use and powerful tools to manage, package and deliver information to their internal and external users. Information consumers such as executives, managers, and front-line employees -- even suppliers and customers -- need "InfoApps" that will give them easy and instant access to the information they need.

Only Information Builders provides one flexible, scalable, and easy to use business intelligence and analytics platform that offers the right information delivery approach – for every kind of user.