Business Outcomes

Wow Our Customers With Compelling User Experiences

Static pages and weak interactivity won't satisfy your users. Neither will dumping data on them and hoping they can use a tool to analyze it. For compelling, data-driven user experiences, you need to provide a highly interactive, task-focused, self-contained environment – with clean, complete data – that gives users the flexibility they need to get the information they want.

Get Beyond Sorts and Filters

With WebFOCUS, you can give your users useful information on the first click, without forcing them to learn a tool. Unlike typical reporting and dashboard tools, you can also give them control over every aspect of their reports, charts, and visualizations. Instead of just sorts and filters, you can let users change data series across axes, formats, pivots, and more, without ever leaving their governed environment.

  • Self-Service Analytics
  • InfoApps
  • Visual Discovery
  • Portals
Our BI and Analytics Platform

Success Story

The Challenge

To help its clients improve customer experience at their own organizations, CSG Systems needed to unlock the value of data via a flexible, yet sophisticated reporting environment.

The Strategy

WebFOCUS promised the ability to gain insights into data in new, meaningful ways by delivering targeted and intuitive interactive reports, dashboards, visualizations, and more directly to front-line employees and key decision-makers.

The Results

CSG's customers and clients now have the insight they need to improve customer service and enhance operational efficiency.

Developing Trust With Better Data

Customers will only use your apps if they trust the data in them. They expect you to know everything about your relationship with them, from sales to customer complaints to marketing preferences. Omni-Gen helps your business collaborate with IT to bring together relevant information about your customers in order to give customers the rich, varied, and satisfying experience they really want.

  • Adapters
  • Data Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance
Our Data Management Platform

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