Business Outcomes

Show Higher ROI from Information System Investments

Realize the greatest possible returns from your technology solutions by exploiting the value of the data they contain. An improved ability to leverage or monetize your system data will maximize business impact by delivering insights that increase operational efficiency, drive greater market share, improve customer loyalty, and more.

A Single Platform For All Analytical Needs

WebFOCUS’ extensive platform is designed to meet the broadest range of information needs at the lowest total cost of ownership and fastest time-to-value. Feature-rich and highly scalable, it provides a superior analytic experience to all users—from analysts and power users, to casual business users.

  • Architecture
  • Self-Service Analytics and InfoApps
  • Big Data Analytics
  • High-Performance Data Store
Our BI & Analytics Platform

Exploit the Value of All Information Assets

With iWay data management solutions, you can make the most of your existing system investments by gaining complete administrative control over your most critical information assets. You can access, integrate, cleanse, and master information from any combination of sources for timely, accurate, and complete data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders.

  • Information Management, Mastering, and Governance
  • Big Data Integration
  • Data, and Application Integration
  • B2B Automation
Our Data Management Platform

Success Story

The Challenge

Can a retailer gain a competitive edge by empowering merchandisers, buyers, and other stakeholders with better capabilities for analyzing accurate, consistent, and timely data?

The Strategy

Yes, by implementing an operational BI environment that supports basket analysis, trial-store performance monitoring, and other important functions.

The Results

WebFOCUS has given staff across the business the ability to make better and faster decisions, which improves performance.

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