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Get the full value of your P&C data assets by consolidating them on a data hub that offers a unified, historical view of your business and analytics to center your company’s focus on customers.

Your Data Assets Are a Springboard to a Customer-Centric Business

Omni-Insurance is all you need to acquire, organize, cleanse, and integrate all the data generated by your company’s systems, applications and distribution channels on a data hub that serves up consistent, business-ready data across your organization. With a shared view of your business, and analytics for building consumption views of granular data, your company is ready to navigate the journey from a product- to a customer-centric focus.

We Understand How Data Differentiates Your Company

Our specialists in property and casualty insurance take full ownership of the process of consolidating, harmonizing and unifying all the data your company has generated or uses on a single hub. We deliver an accessible, shareable source of clean, complete, consistent data on your customers, agents, policies, underwriting, claims and assets.

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A Precise Fit for Your Business Today, Flexibility for the Future

Your data hub follows an adaptable model that organizes data around the subject matter that defines your enterprise: products, executive functions, underlying operations, and interactions with customers.

Get Business-Ready Data Faster Than Ever

Building on our Omni-Gen data management platform and deploying prebuilt components — including on-ramps for all your core system and legacy data — we’ve cut your time to implementation and business-ready data to as little as three months.

Effortless Dashboarding, Reporting and Analytics

Reports, dashboards and drill-downs give executives, underwriters, actuaries, claims and finance access to the data they need.

Pre-Built KPIs and Metrics

With ready-to-use P&C KPIs and consumption views, there’s no need for analysts to re-invent the wheel: they can go go directly to the answers they seek on market opportunities, product performance and profitability.

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Master Data Management with Multiple Data Models

Create models to present shared data organized for differing perspectives, including underwriting, claims analysis, actuarial analysis, product development, and more.

A Framework for Historical Data

A built-in framework captures all data assets — both mastered subjects, such as customers, agents, policies, claims, and assets – and transactional subjects in time, including premiums, exposures, recoveries, losses, and quotes.

Accelerated Integration

A repertoire of ready models is the key to rapid ramp-on of data from existing applications and core systems, including CRM, Duck Creek Technologies, Guidewire, and general ledgers, as well as external market data.

Built-in Data Governance, Quality Rules – with a View

With out-of-the-box coordination of remediation tasks plus quality services for unifying, standardizing, validating, and enriching data, integration is part of the implementation process. A graphical interface provides views of master records, including pre- and post-cleansing.

Optimal Flexibility, Scalability, and Efficiency

Bundled administration applications make configuration easy, with no need for any external tools or third-party applications. The data quality engine is platform-independent and based on open standards. For users, an analytics and reporting interface supports visually intuitive, and highly efficient workflows, with integrated capabilities for each step in the analytics journey – from data preparation to content creation to assembly to publishing and deployment.

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