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Information Builders provides a complete data and analytics solution that enables P&C insurers to capitalize on their mastery of niche markets and achieve the competitive advantages and profitability gains of customer-centricity.

For Insurers, the Digital Revolution Has Been Interrupted

Investments in P&C core systems and software-as-a-service yield efficiencies and better expense ratios. But the data they generate is stuck in separate application silos, and their full value as sources for business intelligence and customer insights is still untapped.

Needed: A P&C Market Strategy for Digital Disruption

Today’s P&C market, especially the mid-market, is a competition magnet. Big insurers trying to beat commoditization and softening rates see an opportunity to make in-roads in a fragmented marketplace. Insurtech start-ups are rising to meet consumer demand for digital engagement. Financial services providers see fertile ground for growing ecosystems of products that include risk coverage. In this disruptive environment, a merely defensive strategy focused on price cutting is a dead-end.

Unlock the Competitive Value of P&C Business-Ready Data

P&C insurers need to make a strong customer-centric business play that leverages their deep knowledge of specialized market segments, and their expertise in striking the right balance between price and level of service. Information Builders can support this play with Omni-Insurance, a solution that consolidates and harmonizes all the information that has accrued over time across the insurance company’s products, systems and distribution channels to create an expansive, unified view of its business and its customers.

Transform P&C Insurance into a Customer-Centric Business

With a shared, 360-degree view of its business, an insurer is ready to shift from a product- to a customer-centric focus. Omni-Insurance analytics provide reports and dashboards, with pre-built P&C KPIs, for executives, underwriters, actuaries, claims and finance to access the data they need for informed decision-making. More, analysts can build consumption views of granular data that support the agenda of a customer-centric business: developing “stickier” policies with more individualized services, enhancing customer experiences, managing a book of business with new and more nuanced definitions of niche markets, products, performance indicators and, ultimately, greater profitability.

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