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As part of a push to modernize its IT systems and legacy processes, the Federal Government, like many other organizations, views data and analytics as a cornerstone of these initiatives. 

In fact, our solutions for data management and analytics are in place at 9 out of 15 government agencies, and myriad state and local government organizations. Using our flexible, scalable, and intuitive approach to analytics, we're helping the public sector to fuel innovation. create actionable insights, streamline processes, and provide a strategic approach to the use of information to achieve mission objectives and outcomes. 


government innovation series

Webinar Series: 2018 Government Innovation Sessions

The value of data and analytics in government extends beyond cost-cutting and productivity gains; it can also fuel innovation and help the public sector deliver responsive and high-quality services.

In this webinar series, you'll to learn how government can leverage data and analytics on a broader scale, with expert speakers, and numerous use cases and success stories.

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