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Omni-Gen Data Management

Analytics are only as valuable as the data they draw upon. With more data from more sources than ever before, many organizations are questioning the reliability and quality of their data, and struggling to find ROI. This lack of trust can make insights less actionable, operations less connected. That’s why successful analytics requires a strong data management platform to directly impact the strategic value of enterprise information.


Data Integration

Comprehensive integration capabilities ensure unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data.


Data Quality

Real-time data standardization, cleansing, and remediation improves trust and the adoption of analytics.


Master Data Management

Data mastering and business-user collaboration combine to give a 360-degree view of your business.

Data Integration

APIs provide a documented, published interface in a secure and scalable environment for connecting multiple systems, while enabling a high level of adaptation of services. Our API management technology helps you reuse existing application and infrastructure investments for web-oriented and event-driven architecture.

When traditional data, machine-generated data, web data, and data from the Internet of Things (IoT) are combined to provide the most complete view of your business, it drives the insights you need to boost performance. Our big data integration and contextualization capabilities enable you to integrate, cleanse, and manage Hadoop-based data for virtually any purpose.

Organizations need to manage the integration and automation of business processes with key suppliers, partners, and customers. Our B2B integration technology enables you to manage your trading partner agreements and communicate more effectively with business partners using a variety of message formats, protocols, and data types.

Our adapter technology enables organizations to simplify the creation, maintenance, and expansion of data warehouses, data marts, and operational data stores. In addition, our adapters provide a  view of relational and nonrelational databases across multiple platforms, and can be used to federate queries.

Data Quality

Business users and IT can collaborate on data quality and governance projects using a business user-oriented, browser-based data cleansing tool that provides packaged cleansing rules, tagging, validation, and the power to test drive changes.

Track data quality trends over time with a browser-based dashboard with key data quality indicators. The monetization feature helps assess bottom-line impact and potential ROI for data quality initiatives.

An innovative and powerful data governance facility provides end-to-end support for the discovery and cleansing of corrupt, invalid, or incomplete data. Business users can view, monitor, compare, and report on mission-critical data, identify and rectify faulty information, and create a complete, historical web-based view of mastered golden records.

Embedded best practices create an iterative, agile process that continually improves data quality. Developers and business people collaborate quickly and easily to model record layouts and integration, data quality, match/merge, remediation, and unification plans.

Master Data Management

Our rapid, iterative approach to MDM involves businesspeople defining the master records and IT generating the majority of the MDM application. This technology-enabled process significantly reduces project timelines, from more than 18 months to as little as 6 months or less.

Business users and IT staff collaborate using our tools to create models, data on-ramps that manage attributes and values of source data, and rules for data quality, match/merge, and remediation.

Enhance information from any source by having unified and validated master data instantly available to a wide range of enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), self-service portals, analytical tools, data warehouses, and other internal systems.

Optimize information integrity throughout its lifecycle with embedded components for data assessment, integration, quality management, and data governance and remediation. Mastered or instance data snapshots can be recovered and viewed from any point in time.

Pre-packaged MDM in a Box

Pre-built interfaces ensure that data can be mapped easily into our model, which gets you up and running faster. The software comes with prepackaged reports and analytics so you can see value immediately.

Omni-Gen consolidates information from assorted systems, external lists, cloud, and on-premises data into a single, 360-degree view of every customer. Employees can tap into the data in this view to make smarter decisions and improve data-driven processes.

Our experts have created a data model designed to capture and manage a large majority of what you need to get a 360-degree view. Onboard the data, make tweaks to the model, and deploy views of the results using our unique Omni-Gen MDM environment.

Your data lives in many systems and comes in many formats. Our product can capture information from those systems to gain insights into purchasing habits, payment history, and more. Users can compare the records they are viewing to the original records for a holistic historical view of the data.

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