Embedded Analytics for OEM Partners

Take advantage of our award-winning data management and analytics platform to make your application a richer solution.

Create Dazzling Embedded Analytics That Scale

Information Builders offers data and analytics solutions that help you sell more software. Your buyers will get spectacular analytics within your platform or application. Our best-in-class technology will improve your offerings, strengthen your business, and drive revenue.

Advantages of Information Builders Technology

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Information Builders makes it easy to create and deploy everything from highly interactive dashboards, charts, and reports to pixel-perfect publications and infographics. The possibilities for interactivity go way beyond sorts and filters, enabling you to give a far richer analytical environment for your end users – with much less for your developers to maintain.

Information Builders uses an agile programming methodology to deliver solid code on a frequent basis, ensuring a rock-solid experience for your developers and end users.

Information Builders' unique scalability and interactivity – built for every class of user, from executives to analysts to completely non-technical operational users – enables companies to achieve double the analytical adoption rate compared to the rest of the industry. 

By letting your developers focus on their core business requirements instead of dealing with the highly dynamic analytics market, Information Builders helps you achieve a more modern analytical environment without as many dedicated staff, sophisticated skills, or complex coding.

Information Builders technology has been deployed in every kind of cloud-only, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises environment. Our industrial strength technology has dealt with platform and security requirements that other tools can’t touch.

While most analytics tools grew up in an environment with minimal security requirements and single-user or small-team deployments, the Information Builders platform has always been grounded in the Enterprise. From the world’s largest banks to government organizations, from single-sign-on to GDPR compliance, we have the security, reliability, and scale covered to suit even the largest and most complex needs.

Why Partner with Information Builders?

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A great data and analytics technology platform is only the beginning. Our comprehensive OEM partner program includes technology enablement, sales enablement, pre-sales enablement, and award-winning post-sales support.

Everything we do is geared toward increasing the speed of development and adoption rates of your solution.

We are with you throughout the journey of bringing your product to market – and beyond.

Hear What Our OEM Partners Say

Sparta Systems

Our customers understand the need for accountability and for holding manufacturers to high standards of health and safety. With WebFOCUS embedded into TrackWise, it is easier than ever for them to collect information for quality assurance, deviation tracking, and nonconformance management.

Gregg Klein, Director of Product Management


WebFOCUS is easy to integrate with our customer-facing application. Users run reports from URLs in any portal, application, or menu. There is virtually no learning curve for accessing and receiving information from our embedded reports and dashboards.

Gene Peters, CEO


The addition of WebFOCUS to the iovation offering not only gives customers and support staff access to intelligence they didn’t previously have, but also enables iovation to expand and reinforce the benefits we provide clients.

Greg Pierson, CEO

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