Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Travel and Hospitality Industries

Create Unforgettable Experiences With Data and Analytics

Our business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions empower airlines, hotels, amusement parks, theaters, and gaming venues to leverage enterprise information to boost business performance and maximize revenues.

Our technologies turn raw data into valuable insights about:

  • Attendance and occupancy
  • Bookings and cancellations
  • Customer satisfaction and lifetime value
  • Sales
  • Labor costs
  • Consumption
  • Campaigns and promotions
  • And more

Managers, employees, customers, and business partners have access to a wealth of intelligence and insights that can help boost operational efficiency and attendance, and deliver a superior, more personalized experience to all patrons.

Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Customer Experience Management

Use Real-Time Data Gain Greater Insight Into Customer Needs, Behaviors, and Satisfaction

Harness real-time data from any combination of systems to gain greater insight into customer needs, behaviors, and satisfaction levels.

Our solutions help you compete more effectively, responding to each guest’s unique interests and preferences, and delivering truly differentiated service based on:

  • What foods they like
  • What services they use
  • What purchases they make in gift shops and other locations
  • Their preferred method of travel
  • And more

Timely, accurate, and complete information about bookings, purchases, and other activities – across multiple locations and properties – can be closely monitored to identify the factors that influence attendance, loyalty, and consumption. These insights can maximize revenues and profitability through the development of more targeted sales and marketing strategies, and more personalized guest interactions.

Guest experiences can also be enhanced through the delivery of online information services, where they can review purchases, bills, and other information at their convenience.

Demand Planning and Resource Allocation

Accurately Anticipate the Needs of Future Patrons With Historical Data Analytics

Historical guest information can be leveraged to accurately anticipate the needs of future patrons. This minimizes unnecessary expenditures, optimizes services, helps to achieve economies of scale, and ensures that the right number of workers and supplies are in place when needed.

Our technologies and solutions empower companies to unify operational data from a variety of sources.

Patterns and trends in attendance levels, purchases, service utilization, and food and beverage consumption can be analyzed to make accurate forecasts for demand planning and resource allocation.

These insights enable organizations to most efficiently and cost-effectively meet guest needs, leading to greater lifetime value and loyalty and a stronger bottom line.

What Our Customers Say

AAA Ohio

Based on its broad analytics functionality and Information Builders' cost-effective licensing structure, WebFOCUS was clearly the best analytics solution for our needs.

Andy Miller
Director of Business Intelligence Reporting and Analytics

Air Canada

We delivered an innovative BI application in only a few weeks at an extremely low cost, proving that BI does not have to be an expensive or complex endeavor.

Chantal Berthiaume
Director of Network Optimization

Paradies Lagardère Shops

Information Builders supplied a BI platform that enables people who don't have IT degrees to manipulate dashboards and produce interactive reports. Because it is a cloud-based solution, we don't have to buy and maintain the associated infrastructure, worry about upgrades or patches, or deal with a host of other IT issues.

Tony Dudek
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Travel and Transport

We needed integration tools for data aggregation and warehousing, integrity tools for cleansing, and data intelligence tools for mapping reporting, analyzing, and visualizing data. We selected Information Builders because they have the most comprehensive suite of products.

Brian Beard
President, Data Visualization Intelligence

Wings Travel Management

We were astounded with the robust capabilities of WebFOCUS. All you need is an Internet connection, and you have this wide array of data available. WebFOCUS is customizable, offers a single-currency conversion, and uses metadata to secure and simplify our reports.

Leon Weideman
Head of Business Information