Transportation and Logistics

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Transportation and Logistics Industries

How Data-Driven Insights Revolutionize the Supply Chain

Powerful business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions from Information Builders improve core logistics and transportation operations. Full coordination, collaboration, and visibility into critical activities reduces expenses, while optimizing performance and service.

Organizations can make high-quality, timely data from any combination of sources readily accessible to employees, business partners, and customers. These valuable insights enhance important activities across the entire business – from delivery scheduling and routing to cargo management and capacity planning.

Additionally, our B2B technologies streamline and accelerate mission-critical workflows by automating key order and fulfillment processes.

Transportation and Logistics

Communicate With Customers and Partners

Ensure On-Time Delivery, Track Shipments, Share Activity Status, and More

Our software solutions help you increase the efficiency of your logistics and transportation operations by tapping into enterprise data to better communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders.

For example:

  • Customers can track shipments in progress to ensure on-time delivery
  • Distributors, warehouse staff, and other supply-chain partners can see the status of activities performed by other partners within the network
  • Shippers, carriers, customers, and other trading partners can closely monitor the status of ordering, fulfillment, and other aspects of cargo or supply-chain management in real time

Information Builders' solutions exploit the massive volumes of data generated during the course of logistics and transportation transactions.

This enhanced collaboration and information sharing promotes better partner performance and ensures the efficient movement of products from end to end.

Furthermore, we can help you automate critical processes – such as order entry or notification of arrival – to improve accuracy and eliminate cumbersome and error-prone manual work.

Supply-Chain Management

Identify and Avoid Bottlenecks, Disruptions, and Problems to Ensure On-Time Performance

When companies can monitor and control crucial activities across increasingly complex global supply-chain networks, they can proactively identify and avoid potential bottlenecks, disruptions, and problems – which is essential to ensuring on-time performance.

Information Builders solutions provide unparalleled visibility into ordering, shipping, fulfillment, and other critical supply-chain operations.

Shipments can be tracked in real time – from the point of origin until they are delivered, across multiple facilities and modes of transport.

Delivery windows will tighten, profitability will increase, and customer satisfaction will improve, with vital insights that can help to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Increase efficiency
  • Uncover hidden costs and waste
  • Identify potential issues and their root causes

What Our Customers Say

AJ Logistics

A single customer might have a dozen projects going at one time. Instead of dealing with many warehouses and systems separately, WebFOCUS gives them a consolidated view of all pertinent activity.

Greg Johnston
Chief Information Officer


There were immediate, measurable improvements in payroll control and workforce rollup quality.

Christophe Lebrun
Head of Management Control

International Car Operators

It’s all about responding quickly to customers, and keeping them informed. Digitization is an important part of our strategy, and iWay and WebFOCUS are major contributors. Without these software products, our terminals would come to a standstill. Information Builders’ technology is absolutely vital to our business.

Alain Guillemyn
General Manager

Maverick Transportation

We have been able to create thousands of reports from the GUI development environment. Our developers have successfully learned as they went along, with minimal coding.

Wayne Brown
Vice President of IT

OEC Group

iWay provides us with a robust yet flexible platform, a foundation we leverage to create the best possible solution for our customers.

Amir Billones
Programmer Analyst

Utah Transit Authority

Information Builders' technology provides a unified way to perform all types of analysis, which makes us much more effective and cost-efficient.

Abraham Kololli
Deputy Chief of Information Services

U.S. Transportation Command

When soldiers are wounded in battle, the military needs to be able to provide efficient medical transport in conjunction with real-time information and pinpoint accuracy.

Colonel Keith Lostroh
TRAC2ES Functional Program Manager