Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for State and Local Governments

Better Data and Analytics to Improve Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency

Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions help state and local government agencies engage in goal-driven information management and sharing. This helps them become more citizen-driven, respond more proactively to changes in public needs and demographics, and ensure better outcomes to problems and emergencies.

Our technologies enable more strategic use of enterprise data, turning it into actionable insights to increase operational efficiencies, boost organizational effectiveness, and achieve economies of scale across departments.

These enhanced insights drive improvements across all key operations – from asset management and budgeting to risk management – while promoting full transparency and coordination across agencies and services.

State and Local Government

Smart Government

Improve Public Services, Productivity, and Community Relationships With Data and Analytics

We support smart government strategies that enable agencies to strategically use information to enhance the delivery of public programs and services, maximize operational productivity and cost-efficiency, and foster stronger relationships with the communities they serve.

All stakeholders – from elected officials and employees to citizens and tourists – will have access to interactive information that can be accessed at any time, from any device.

By operationalizing information and sharing it across departments and with the public, state and local government entities can:

  • Improve operations through real-time information delivery at the point of decision
  • Enable city-wide departmental process collaboration to drive new efficiencies
  • Promote innovation and create better outcomes through stronger citizen relationships and engagement
  • Improve population health management
  • Develop more comprehensive outward looking strategies

Law Enforcement

Give Command Staff, Officers, Investigators, Crime Analysts, and Others the Insight They Need

Our solutions allow law enforcement and public safety agencies to exploit data from a wide array of sources – including CAD, JMS, RMS, and AVL – and deliver it rapidly and securely to command staff, police officers, investigators, crime analysts, and other stakeholders.

Having a single, comprehensive view of offenders, employees, incidents, and other key information right at their fingertips enables law enforcement to better manage operations and more effectively respond to threats.

They can also engage in predictive policing, leveraging historical crime data to understand how weather, time of day, and other factors impact crime rates, and anticipate when and where crimes are most likely to occur.

Achieving Operational Excellence

Leverage Enterprise Data Across Branches, Offices, and Agencies for Insight Into Core Operations

Government entities can leverage enterprise data across systems or sources spanning multiple branches, offices, and agencies. This gives them timely and trusted insight into their core operations, so they can ensure productivity and cost-effectiveness.

From finance and the management of assets and infrastructure, to human resources and the oversight of programs and initiatives, our solutions provide the visibility needed to maximize the efficiency of all key activities and processes.

For example, in-depth analysis of citizens and program utilization can ensure smooth delivery of vital services. And the ability to share information with internal decision-makers, as well as external stakeholders such as private sector partners, citizens, and other agencies, promotes operational excellence through better communication and collaboration.

Improve Population Health and Program Outcomes

A Single View of Citizens Across Systems, Departments, and Programs Enhances Citizen Welfare

Agencies can obtain a single view of citizens across all systems, departments, and programs. This significantly impacts citizen welfare and outcomes – for example, by supporting systems that screen and process enrollees across benefit and entitlement programs.

Consolidating information and ensuring its integrity and availability can also cut the cost and time of eligibility processing, speed delivery of benefits, and minimize fraud and waste.

Unified, harmonized information about patients, providers, facilities, and related expenses can also help:

  • Enhance Medicaid and Medicare administration
  • Promote clinical best practices
  • Improve benefit plan modeling
  • Enable cost and quality benchmarking.

Hospital, provider, and payer data – such as overall health by demographics or socioeconomic status – can be analyzed in support of population health. This improves care quality and management of infectious disease outbreaks across communities. Information can be shared with the Federal government and other agencies, according to regulatory guidelines.

Budgeting, Finance, and Human Resources

Get an Aggregated View of Financial Information and Insight

Our solutions deliver an aggregated view of financial information. With this insight, agencies can:

  • Assess current budget position
  • Measure and monitor surpluses or deficits
  • Track encumbered vs. unencumbered funds
  • Manage contracts to see how much has been expended to date
  • Analyze revenues, grants, and other income by SIC code or other measures
  • Run required revenue reports for legislators and other stakeholders

Additionally, deep insight into employee and operational data helps agencies identify understaffed departments and the impact that situation may have on citizen services.

The ability for HR teams to interact with data also:

  • Minimizes absenteeism and overtime
  • Ensures workforce diversity and inclusion
  • Eases retirement planning and transitioning
  • Supports training and career path building

What Our Customers Say

City of Brampton

Our goal is to deliver exceptional digital services to reduce daily frictions, empower the staff, and optimize productivity by digitizing our processes. This is accomplished while using data to optimize our use of resources, and build a Connected City that makes the lives of our community better. Information Builders’ technology helps users discover new efficiencies, create self-service business processes, and ensure good digital governance.

Katherine Kulson
Chief Information Officer

Orange County, Florida

It used to take public employees days or weeks to find and disseminate information; now they can get what they need in minutes. WebFOCUS saves us an enormous amount of time and money. Information Builders has been a great technology partner for Orange County.

Rafael Mena

Louisiana Department of Health

Information Builders' mature software platform combines data integration, data quality, and master data management technologies, and has allowed us to put together a 360-degree view of the citizens - allowing us to quickly see who is benefiting from state services.

Richard (Dickie) Howze
Chief Information Officer

New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

Staff in our Call Center report decreased call times, because they can instantly retrieve the information taxpayers are inquiring about.

Lindsey M. Stepp

Michigan State Police

With a diversity of data coming from multiple real-time sources and databases, our analysts and detectives couldn’t directly access all the data. Leveraging Omni-Gen enables MSP to integrate, cleanse, and master data from multiple sources.

Captain David Kelly
Commander, Intelligence Operations Division

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

We needed to do away with archaic manual processes and empower our supervisors and commanders - as well as our officers in the field - with a faster way to gather and share important information.

David A. Clarke