Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Retail

Data and Advanced Analytics at Scale Gives Retailers a Competitive Advantage

Business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions from Information Builders help retailers overcome the challenges associated with multiple sales channels, complex supply chains, sophisticated merchandising strategies, and increasingly savvy buyers.

Our technologies transform vast amounts of data – generated as shoppers browse and purchase products, and as merchandise makes its way from the manufacturer to the shopping cart – into valuable, performance-boosting insights.

Executives, merchandising managers, warehouse and store staff, suppliers, distributors, and customers gain vital intelligence to enhance the buyer experience, while improving merchandising, promotions, distribution, replenishment, and other critical operations.

In addition, our B2B integration technology significantly streamlines the supply chain.


Omni-Channel Operations

Get Complete Visibility Across Stores, Catalogs, Call Centers, Kiosks, Online, Mobile, and Social

Our solutions provide complete visibility into operations across multiple channels – traditional brick-and-mortar stores, catalogues, call centers, websites, kiosks, online marketplaces, mobile apps, and social media.

By tapping into the data generated through each channel, retailers get the complete picture of how shoppers research products, compare prices, and buy. This information can be used to align offers, products, and services in a way that delivers a consistent, superior shopper experience wherever they are.

Transparency across retail channels also makes it easy to assess delivery and fulfillment performance, forecast demand for better inventory management, and engage in more competitive pricing strategies.

With Information Builders, retailers can strategically exploit their data to fine-tune marketing and promotional strategies, drive the right buyers to the right channels, and ensure that each channel remains viable and profitable.

Marketing, Merchandising, and Promotions

Harness Data From PoS systems, e-Commerce Apps, CRM and Marketing, and More to Get Quick, Accurate Insights

Retailers can harness data from point-of-sale systems, e-commerce applications, CRM and marketing applications, and other sources to get quick and accurate answers to questions like:

  • What drives shoppers to certain sales channels?
  • What motivates them to make a purchase?
  • What product or combination of products are they most likely to buy?
  • Which sales or promotions have been most effective, and why?
  • How do purchasing patterns vary by location, by channel, or by demographic group?

Our solutions support price elasticity analysis, market basket analysis, and other valuable ways of interacting with enterprise data to enable merchandising, assortment, and demand planning that is closely aligned with the needs and preferences of likely buyers.

This vital knowledge can help ensure that the right products are available in the right places at the right price; that items are placed appropriately on shelves to maximize “impulse” purchases; and that sales, promotions, and markdowns are designed to move products and drive revenue, without negatively impacting profitability.

Inventory Management

Avoid Shortages and Overages With Insights About Demographics, Demand, Supply, and Product Movement

Timely insights into customer demographics and demands, product movement trends, and the conditions that impact sales help retailers successfully avoid stock shortages and overages.

Our solutions also facilitate coordination and collaboration with suppliers and distributors, which is essential to maintaining optimum inventory levels. Retailers can tap into the data collected during the course of buyer interactions, gaining a single, consistent view of all products and related activities across sales channels.

These insights help prevent stock outs or costly inventory excesses, and promotes the development of strategies to increase the sales of slow-moving or at-risk stock.

They can also engage in timely ordering, and monitor items throughout the procurement and delivery process to ensure that products are available on store shelves, when they are needed.

What Our Customers Say


WebFOCUS is giving our store managers access to data that they couldn't access before. Our reports are timelier, more accurate, and more consistent. That makes a real difference in our operations.

David Glasscock
Director of Operation Support

Ace Hardware

Throughout the years, Information Builders has proven that it can step up to the plate and deliver superior technology for our requirements. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Tim Brynda
Software Engineering Consultant

Associated Food Stores

We use WebFOCUS Portal and InfoAssist+ to analyze vital information quickly. We link dashboards and reports together, and easily tailor content for each corporate unit and each retailer's needs.

Jason Hickenlooper
Business Intelligence (BI) Manager

Boise Cascade

Information Builders offered so much more than the other vendors. I was excited about the iWay products for integration and data integrity. My colleagues were excited about the possibility of creating charts, graphs, and InfoAppsTM with WebFOCUS.

Mary Lou Southwood
Senior Application Development Manager for the Wood Products Division

Case Paper

Putting together a budget at the beginning of each month was extremely harrowing. The entire process took four or five days. One InfoApp™ replaces hundreds of those reports. I access and manipulate the data and complete my budget in just a few short hours.

Jill McDonough
Corporate Director of Support Services

Lipari Foods

WebFOCUS dashboards and our new visual warehouse have made Lipari much more proactive. We are confident that all aspects of our warehouse, and our sales operations, are running exactly as they should be.

Joe Beydoun
Vice President of Technology

Prym Consumer

We chose iWay primarily because of the robust communication/integration capabilities it enables between SAP and our order picking systems. We like iWay Service Manager because it is versatile enough to simplify lots of different types of integration projects.

Pete Peters
IT Manager