Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Not-for-Profits

Turn Good Deeds Into Great Ones With Data and Analytics

Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions empower not-for-profit organizations with the knowledge they need to optimize services in the face of shrinking funding, operational hurdles, regulatory guidelines, and changing economic and political climates.

With our technologies, non-profits can manage data from widely dispersed sources, gaining a deeper understanding into every aspect of the organization, from which campaigns result in the greatest number of donors to which programs make up the largest portion of expenses.

These insights drive efficient delivery of services, improve allocation of staff and financial resources, promote ongoing compliance, and increase the effectiveness of marketing and fundraising.


Fundraising and Donor Management

A Deeper Understanding of Donors Means Higher Contributions

Donations, and the demographics and behaviors of those that make them, can be closely analyzed to uncover the motivations behind charitable giving. These insights enable more targeted and successful solicitations.

Our solutions can also significantly increase the impact of campaigns through complete visibility into results, costs, and return on investment.

Not-for-profit organizations can better engage the right donors at the right time through the right channels.

Organizations can also assess the performance of fundraising staff, determine the effectiveness of new or existing outreach methods, and identify the factors that have the greatest impact on donations.

Programs and Disbursements

Better Track Activities and Expenses to Streamline Delivery of Services and Assistance 

We help you accurately track program-related activities and expenses to ensure that delivery of services or financial aid is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Leaders can use these insights to better allocate human and financial resources, and identify areas for cost-cutting or efficiency improvements.

Organizations can also achieve complete visibility into:

  • How grant money is obtained and spent
  • How contributions are collected and distributed
  • How cash flow and restricted/unrestricted funds are managed

With complete transparency into accounting and financial information, firms can maintain a positive reputation, while preventing misuse or misappropriation of assets.

Technologies from Information Builders also promote compliance by allowing not-for-profit organizations to readily share financial information with donors, auditors, banks, and other stakeholders.

What Our Customers Say

Canadian BC Housing

Now the data will be transferred in seconds with no manual intervention. The interface took us less than two weeks to develop.

Raymond Puno
Reporting Manager

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

It's clear that WebFOCUS offers us a new level of self-service. It acquires data from multiple sources, automates user reporting, and provides a single tool for query and analysis.

Sue Munson
Financial IT Manager

Food For The Poor

We received many requests for custom queries and wanted to empower users to access information on their own. With little training, we created WebFOCUS reports almost immediately and showed our staff how to create and modify reports on their own. Just about every internal group now uses the WebFOCUS environment.

Vickie Torregrossa
IS Director

United Way Worldwide

With data and analytics, we have what we need to back up and be authentic and credible in our message, and make sure that we stay true to the work that we do.

Lisa Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer

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