Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Build Data and Analytics Into Your Processes to Drive Success

For years, Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions have helped manufacturers better manage complex operations and sophisticated supply chains. Our technologies transform enterprise data into valuable insights that drive improvements in engineering, materials management, production, quality control, and other core processes.

Stakeholders at all levels can harness enterprise data to coordinate and track supply-chain activities, better manage inventory and warehouse operations, or increase forecasting accuracy for better demand planning. In addition, manufacturing companies benefit from our B2B integration, process management, and data integration capabilities

Supply-Chain Management

Ensure Agility, Reliability, and Responsiveness Via Monitoring, Measurement, and Improvement

With Information Builders, manufacturers can ensure that their supply chains are agile, reliable, and responsive by increasing value and fostering a culture of continuous monitoring, measurement, and improvement.

Tracking, automation, and real-time information sharing enhance supply-chain coordination and execution from end-to-end. Full visibility into all supply-chain activities – from sourcing through delivery – empowers manufacturers to proactively identify and rectify problems and efficiently respond to customer demands.

Data can be collected from internal and external sources (including IoT devices) across the supply-chain network, and made available for analysis by managers and employees, as well as suppliers, partners, and customers.

This allows all stakeholders to closely monitor core operations in real time across multiple production plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Manufacturers can also leverage historical data to anticipate potential risks, forecast demand and supply fluctuations, and control other factors that impact supply-chain performance.

Our B2B technologies also enhance supply-chain management through the automation of order processing and other critical supply-chain activities.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Improve Transparency to Optimize Warehouse Space, Maximize Productivity, and Boost Efficiency

Our solutions increase transparency into warehouse and inventory operations to help manufacturers optimize warehouse space, maximize workforce productivity, and boost cost-efficiency.

Raw information from a wide array of fragmented warehouse management systems – about weight, movement, size, cost, damage, congestion, and more – can be gathered and presented to warehouse staff, to enable tracking of stock levels, pending orders, fulfillment times, employee performance, and other important metrics.

Compelling, visual representation and analysis of key warehouse processes let manufacturers know what’s happening in the warehouse at all times. These visualizations can map to the physical warehouse layout, displaying critical indicators such as slotted items, pick slot sizes and availability, and co-mingled reserve locations.

This strategic use of data enables seamless warehouse and inventory management, helping manufacturers reduce costs and cut waste; minimize breakage; improve margins; and promote more efficient storing, picking, and packing.

What Our Customers Say


WebFOCUS helps parole officers draw fairer conclusions. It provides much deeper insight into parolee behavior.

David Segal
Chief Product Officer


We knew we'd be more successful if, rather than using a variety of tools that didn't work well together, we implemented one broader BI platform that met all of our requirements.

Andrea Landwehr
Application Team Lead


Without it, we would not be able to integrate legacy application information with SAP information, and we would lack total visibility into production, distribution, finance, and other business processes.

Martin Gauthier
Technology Coordinator


Without our iWay integration middleware framework, we couldn’t outsource certain functions, or acquire new companies as effectively as we do. Those activities are paramount to our success.

Siebe Talma
Global Director of Custom Applications, Integration, and Manugistics

Medline Industries

There are a lot of moving parts and an extraordinary amount of data coming in, which means many things we need to analyze. WebFOCUS plays a key role by tracking key aspects of our operation.

Joe Schantz
Senior Operations Analyst


WebFOCUS analysis tools and dashboards deliver details about the films that exhibitors show to help us take action. Information Builders helped us create BI applications that deliver tremendous value.

John Dohm
Senior Vice President of Operations

Tata Steel

WebFOCUS helps with 'here/now' operations reporting. It not only tells us what was produced yesterday, but also what is happening currently with stock levels, shipments, and other operational details.

Kevin van Kessel
Head of Operations, Reporting for Supply Chain

Utz Quality Foods

As we expanded, we strategically leveraged our data to compete with the other big snack food companies. Information Builders helped us consistently access and analyze data across our entire business.

Les Morton
Director of Application Development


WebFOCUS puts the right tools in place so we can deliver specific information to specific people, when they need it.

Jaap Bakker
Business Intelligence Manager

Victory Packaging

WebFOCUS gives us a single tool for query and analysis. It's the state-of-the-art technology we need to control internal processes in our growing business and provide the service our customers expect.

Eugene Hope
Chief Information Officer