Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for Higher Education

Improving All Aspects of Learning Through the Power of Intelligence

Information Builders’ education clients span public, private, two- and four-year schools, and their governing bodies – including federal and state departments of education, regents, boards, and commissions.

Our business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions help colleges and universities better manage their finances, maximize revenues, operate more efficiently, improve student outcomes, and differentiate themselves from other institutions.

By delivering complete, timely information to end users across every department and at every level, institutions can better track revenues and expenses; monitor census, admissions, and registrations; manage faculty, staff, facilities and assets; and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Higher Education

Ensuring Student Success

Our technologies can access real-time data from any student information or learning management system, including Ellucian’s Banner and Datatel, Peoplesoft Campus Solutions, Kuali, and more.

By turning raw student data into actionable intelligence, universities can improve student outcomes, boost enrollment, and maximize retention.

    Stakeholders can glean vital insights to improve student success by:

    • Closely monitoring student performance across subject areas and disciplines
    • Tracking enrollment and registration trends
    • Predicting “at risk” students so faculty and advisors can target interventions
    • Identifying students who will complete programs for recruiters and admissions
    • Delivering a complete, 360-degree view of students to faculty, staff, and administration

    Improving Financial and Operational Performance

    Secure, role-based, self-service financial management reporting and analytics lets business users across departments dynamically drill into their charts of accounts to gain a better understanding of expenses and revenues.

    Additionally, complete visibility into faculty, staff, assets, and services enhances operational efficiency.

    Colleges and universities can unify and analyze data from multiple sources to:

    • Better understand their workforce
    • Improve asset and facility utilization
    • Increase enrollment and registrations
    • Automate and streamline compliance and regulatory reporting

    Academic Alliance Program

    Information Builders' Academic Alliance Program makes our world-class tools accessible to educators and students, so they can be incorporated into curriculum in order to:

    • Advance the skill set of undergraduate and graduate students
    • Fill the skills gap for our customers with students certified in Information Builders’ technologies
    • Provide students with placement opportunities

    Institutions can leverage our technologies for instruction in their business and data analytics courses to address the current shortage of data and analytics skills in the national job pool.

    On-site or in the cloud, students and educators can use predictive analytics and statistical modeling to create high-value visualizations, dashboards, reports, and analytical applications that are essential in the business world.

    Program members will receive:

    • Our professional curricula that they can adapt for academic purposes
    • Access to our Focal Point customer collaboration site
    • Support through our online channels
    • Access to video training resources
    • Access to our customer base

    What Our Customers Say

    Central Washington University

    The nice thing about RStat is that we can change our models on the fly. As the variables change, we can easily update the model, and it will impact our risk index accordingly.

    James DePaepe
    Executive Director

    Florida Atlantic University

    WebFOCUS has also been instrumental in helping us as we move through a 10- year accreditation process. It has not only enhanced the type of reports we can produce and deliver, but also created a consistency in our reporting activities that we simply did not have before.

    Mehran Basiratmand
    Chief Technology Officer

    Loyola University of Chicago

    We tend to raise more questions than we can answer, but thanks to WebFOCUS visualization capabilities, we now have the tools to investigate further, extrapolate knowledgeably, and detect anomalies in ways that we could not easily do before.

    Conrad Vanek
    BI Team Leader

    Taylor University

    With the right guidance, we can work with a student to prevent him from dropping out or transferring to another school. RStat allows us to more accurately determine who those students are.

    Edwin Welch
    Director of Institutional Research

    Texas A&M University-Commerce

    We’re not only data-driven; our data has made us a more insightful organization. WebFOCUS helps us to continually improve and to accomplish our mission, which is to serve students and help them to transform their lives.

    Shonda Gibson
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

    Yeshiva University

    iWay has the flexibility and extensibility to solve our immediate integration problems and serve our future integration needs as well.

    Jack Zencheck
    Associate Vice President Business Services