Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Better Insights to Accelerate Achievement of Patient-Centered Care

Information Builders prepares healthcare organizations for rapid transformation on multiple fronts: value-based care models, population health initiatives, enhancing the digital patient experience, and rapid expansion through mergers and acquisitions. As they leverage technologies like predictive, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to improve care delivery, we break down data silos, giving them accurate, usable information from multiple sources.



A Comprehensive Information Management Solution for Healthcare

Omni-HealthData is our complete information management solution for the industry. It enables providers and payers to effectively acquire, manage, and analyze information, while providing insights that balance patient satisfaction and physician productivity with cost control and sustainable, profitable operations.

Healthcare organizations can get immediate, validated, clear information about patients, physicians, facilities, and more. This helps improve care protocols, manage reimbursements, and comply with evolving regulatory requirements.

A Single View of the Patient Journey

Collect and Consolidate Info for a Complete View of Each Patient Across the Care Continuum

Patient data resides in numerous systems, in many different formats, and needs to be joined with information from outside systems, such as claims data. With Information Builders technologies, providers can collect and consolidate this information, for a complete, comprehensive view of each patient across the entire continuum of care.

Our solutions ensure the quality of patient clinical histories, integrating and harmonizing data from EMRs, laboratory and pharmacy systems, even patient satisfaction surveys and social media, to ensure accuracy and completeness. Clinicians can then tap into that data to ensure optimal care transitions and treatment plans.

With this visibility, healthcare organizations can:

  • Improves clinical coordination
  • Promote better decision-making at the point of care
  • Increase levels of patient safety and satisfaction
  • Improve diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes

For example, care teams can be instantly alerted to gaps in care, such as missed follow-up visits or preventative screenings.

Clinical, Financial, and Operational Analytics

Translate Strategies Into Operational Goals, Processes, and Initiatives to Align Everyone

Our technologies empower healthcare firms with insights that span the clinical, financial, and operational aspects of their business. Strategies can be translated into meaningful operational goals, processes, and initiatives, with clinicians and administrators fully aligned to understand their roles in executing the strategy.

Data from diverse back-office healthcare resources like McKesson, Cerner, EPIC, Lawson, and Meditech can be seamlessly unified across systems and facilities, and then made available to and shared among all stakeholders.

This complete, real-time intelligence can empower providers to:

  • Optimize the quality of care by enabling physicians and nursing staff to monitor patient histories, outcomes, and clinical operations
  • Obtain greater insight into administrative and financial operations to improve cost control, revenue cycle management, and planning
  • Increase visibility into asset utilization for more precise resource allocation
  • Improve patient flow by, for example, reducing emergency department (ED) wait times with real-time visibility into all interdependent resources to remove bottlenecks
  • Identify at-risk populations to prevent re-admissions and create more effective care plans

Clinical Data Exchange

Collaborate With All Your Partners in the Healthcare Value Chain

With Information Builders, providers, healthcare networks, insurance companies, and vendors can work efficiently with all partners in the healthcare value chain by supporting real-time interoperability and content distribution.

Our unified integration toolset includes ANSI X12, HIPAA, HL7 and more, providing the ability to access, combine, and share information from any combination of healthcare systems, as well as external sources. This enhances collaboration and communication with labs, insurance companies, and other third parties by streamlining claims and other electronics transactions.

It also allows payers to rapidly connect with disparate data sources to create a trusted process to onboard provider partners. And by creating a single, consistent, and accurate view of each member across practices, they can optimize costs and profitability, enhance care coordination, ensure accurate claims adjudication, and increase member engagement.

What Our Customers Say

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

In addition to serving this unique population, we needed to comply with government mandates to improve patient safety and quality performance. Information Builders helped us achieve our goals.

Kirsten Kolb
Chief Strategy and Administrative Officer

Brant Community Healthcare System

Our ultimate goal is to make information as meaningful and valuable as possible for our staff. With Information Builders solutions, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

Horatio Stewart
Decision Support Coordinator

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

It's clear that WebFOCUS offers us a new level of self-service. It acquires data from multiple sources, automates user reporting, and provides a single tool for query and analysis.

Sue Munson
Financial IT Manager

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Our users spend more time analyzing data and less time fighting it.

Stephanie Dennon
BI Program Lead in Financial Management Information Systems

Halifax Health

I view the support team at Information Builders as a business partner. Throughout the expansion and development of our BI environment, they have been a great resource, helping us bridge gaps between simply reporting on the data and providing true business intelligence that meets our customers' needs.

Andy Foster
Decision Support Manager

Jefferson Regional Medical Center

WebFOCUS has enabled us to provide much more accurate and timely reports relating to deficiencies.
Morie Mehyou
AVP Revenue Cycle

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Information Builders has been terrific in sharing their time and expertise with us. Their technology is making a qualitative difference in the way we carry out our business.

Dominique Archer
Director of Operations