Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Create Products, Services, and Customer Experiences That Are Too Good to Fail

FinTech disintermediation, digital transformation, data proliferation, and downward pricing pressures exerted by technology and increasing competition are disrupting the financial services industry. Future growth and success belong to those institutions that align on strategy, marshaling these forces to build and retain market share through superior products, service, and customer outcomes.

Information Builders helps financial services organizations thrive through the pervasive use of trusted data and analytics at scale in every aspect of their business. Our highly scalable data and analytics platform makes trusted data easy to access and analytics easy to create and consume.


Simplify the User Experience and Enhance Advisory Value

As banks accelerate customer transactions to the digital platform, simplicity is key. This means reducing customer effort in sales, service, and fulfillment; eliminating “bouncing around” between and within channels; and delivering a consistent brand experience across those channels.

Outside of new customer acquisition and retention, cross-selling is the primary driver of profitability and growth. But bank systems only enable employees to conduct transactional, not advisory, conversations with customers. To build trust, strengthen relationships, and boost retention and cross-selling, that must change.

Delivering these important business outcomes requires a platform for trusted data and analytics at scale that offers:

  • Attractive, easy-to-use online and mobile user experiences

  • A 360º customer view and omni-channel integration

  • The ability to operationalize context, history, and advice for frontline staff

  • Insight accessible “on the road” for relationship managers

  • “Next-best actions” that are automated and exposed

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Investments and Brokerage

Attract Talent, Increase Productivity, and Locate Opportunity

Investment professionals have too many tools to understand their business. Integration of these tools and databases to form a seamless, unifying portal will simplify operation and sharpen insights, while saving time.

Because business and financial portfolios respond to a wide variety of cause and effect, visualizing these forces and their impact, modeling, forecasting, and responding are crucial to success.

User adoption depends on the ability to deliver powerful insights from mountains of complex enterprise and external data, in one or two clicks.

Achieving important business outcomes requires:

  • Superior insight through the integration of fund, accounting, and client reports into a single reporting vehicle
  • A one-click Global Services portal for investors, with visualization
  • Mobile, integrated advisor workstations, and brokerage attribution analysis
  • Self-service traceability for commissions and activity statements, linking and exposing underlying details to ensure clarity and accuracy
  • Improved investment fact sheets and prospectus with near-real time electronic and interactive formats

Electronic Payments

Build Loyalty That Transcends Pricing and Respond to FinTech Disintermediation

For payment processors, merchant attrition runs 25 percent or more annually, driven by small, incremental pricing pressures. Additionally, interchange caps and growing regulatory compliance burdens weigh heavily on the P&L sheet.

To protect market share and income, they must introduce service and value that cannot be easily replicated by competitors, and seek new revenue fueled by their rich supply of payment transaction data.

Longer-term technological disruption threatens to disintermediate payment processors, displacing their role in the payments value chain. These new applications ride existing payment rails or ACH, but incorporate new interfaces that supersede relationships with customers. Payment processors have decades of data that can be used to better understand, service, and forecast merchant and issuing bank behavior – an asset that FinTech does not have.

A unified platform for trusted data and analytics at scale can provide: 

  • Merchant-facing business performance optimization
  • Intra-day integrated spending trends and peer reporting
  • Integrated payments analytics across all channels
  • Pattern-driven, customized promotions
  • Consumer credit spend management, analysis, and advice
  • The ability to detect, measure, and alert fraud, misuse, and abuse

What Our Customers Say

ABC Financial

WebFOCUS allows us to create meaningful analytics from a plethora of data from multiple source systems. We are able to deliver summarized data and visuals for myriad customers, slicing out collection, member account, and member demographic information. It’s very flexible and powerful, and is a big staple to our business.

David Finkbeiner
Vice President

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)

WebFOCUS helps us to avoid the errors and the inefficiencies of manually analyzing data and generating reports.

Cristina González Barreda
Internal Audit Department Director

Bank of Montreal

WebMPM is pioneering an 'information portal' at which users will obtain a myriad of information necessary for optimal performance.

John Veltkamp
Systems Programming and Design

Bridgewater Bank

As a manager, it’s great to be able to see trends and identify problem areas that need our focus. Information Builders’ solution provides clarity – and that’s everything.

Doug Stade
Manager of IT Operations

Cetera Financial Group

WebFOCUS can also embed Adobe Flex technology in a PDF file to allow dynamic interactions with the data. These features were instant winners with the executive team and advisors in the field.

Geremy Tan-Torres
Head of Information Management and Reporting (IMR)


We are building a mobile BI solution that works on all devices, with familiar gestures and graphics. WebFOCUS ensures our users will have a rich, device-specific experience, yet Elavon won't have to develop unique solutions for each device.

Magesh Rajendran
Vice President of Global Information Delivery

Heartland Financial

WebFOCUS helps us comply with federal regulations since we can display asset values, balances, and margins in separate columns, all in one report.

Michael Arthur Calavicci
Business Intelligence Manager

International Financial Data Services

Information Builders supplied superior technology along with solution architects that collaborated with our IT staff to help us structure the data, build a data mart, and create a high-performing, user-friendly BI system.

David Bullock
Executive Vice President

Marvin F. Poer

Information Builders was unique. They took the time necessary to understand what we wanted to achieve. Then they put together a proof of concept, based on our business model, of how WebFOCUS would improve our business.

Tom Rawlston
Senior Vice President


We purchased an enterprise-wide license from Information Builders because we were confident that WebFOCUS would be suitable for a wide range of reporting needs.

Kimberly Martin
Group Executive, Commercial Technologies


Our BI environment gives us a competitive advantage for one simple reason: It offers insight into the daily activities of our customers.

Patrick Yip
Director of Advisory Market Technology Strategy

PNC Bank

In ten months, WebFOCUS had already paid for itself in terms of time savings, cost savings, and increased efficiency. We are saving 50,000 pages of paper annually.

Adam Silber
Vice President and Project Manager


Information Builders impressed us with the wide functionality and flexibility of its analytics platform and its simple licensing model.

Marcel Schlatter
Head of Finance Services

RBC Royal Bank

Our operations team used to fax reams of paper to our clients each week, including loan status reports, exception reports, AR spreads, and so forth. Now [with WebFOCUS] they only have to fax one report authorizing the loan advance. From then on, all the loan status reports are available online via the self-service environment.

Roy Estevens
Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity Management


This was not just a technology project. It was about creating business value by making our employees more productive and more satisfied, so they can focus on what matters most: our customers.

Mike Henry
SVP and Head, Retail Payments, Deposits and Lending

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

We started with 6,000 reports and ended up with 220. WebFOCUS enabled us to consolidate reports and convert business-critical deliverables to a more efficient environment.

Larissa Boydston
Reporting Analyst

U.S. Bank

Information Builders created a reporting infrastructure that can scale to support one million users.

Robert Kaufman
Senior Vice President, Payments Solutions