Business Outcomes

Increase Insight-Driven Business Via Embedded Analytics

Embedded BI and analytics are all about integrating actionable insights into everyday applications and systems used by business workers. The benefits of well designed and implemented embedded analytics are a simpler and more convenient user experience, increased productivity, and a higher adoption of data-driven business.

Convenient and Relevant Analytics for Employees and Partners

Organizations can enable employees by operationalizing and combining WebFOCUS analytics with their existing applications, whether ERP, CRM or custom systems. Partners and customers can be enabled via either free or paid applications that include embedded analytics. WebFOCUS analytics can be fully branded and OEM'd to host application requirements for a seamless experience.

Our BI and Analytics Platform

Success Story

The Challenge

Provide more robust reporting and analysis capabilities to meet client needs.

The Strategy

Enhance expense reporting with flexible inquiry and analysis tools that provide visibility into spending patterns by department, user, client, and more.

The Results

Highly sophisticated analytics visible out-of-the-box and custom reports help users better control and manage their expenses.

Making Insight an Integral Part of Organizational Systems and Workflows

Adoption of BI in business is still very low, in the range of 20-25 percent. Embedded BI and analytics increases the likelihood of operational users leveraging data and insight, as it appears within the everyday applications and systems that they use. They do not need or want to open and thrash between multiple applications. If the embedded BI is implemented effectively, the insights will appear in a highly relevant and timely manner so that they impact the decisions and operational performance of the targeted user. 

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