Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Next-Generation Law Enforcement Analytics Software for Data-Driven Policing

Modern Policing Needs Reliable Information and Easy Insights

Turning Data into Alerts and Insights

Information Builders solutions provide law enforcement agencies with real-time access to this data in consolidated and easy-to-understand views for more efficient and effective decision-making.

Federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies have vast amounts of data that can be refined through law enforcement analytics and turned into actionable intelligence for proactive deployments and crime clearance, while acting as a force multiplier to command staff, detectives, agents, and officers on the street.

Unfortunately, in their efforts to streamline many of their operations, law enforcement agencies have created information silos that don’t allow this data to be easily combined into a complete view of their organization’s activities.

Information Builders data and analytics solutions specialize in breaking down the barriers between information systems, blending the information they contain into highly actionable insights, and visualizing that information in a way that law enforcement personnel can understand and use — in real time.

The result is command staff and officers on the street achieving better situational awareness, improved officer safety, and more strategically deployed resources.

Screen shot showing real-time alerts.

Breaking Down Data Silos

Officers and administrators frequently spend hours finding and verifying the information they need, often without easy access or even single sign-on.

Although massive amounts of data are available in theory — crime lab data, surveillance data, crash and citation records, jail records, Record Management Systems (RMS), and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and location data for police cars, drones, and watercraft — the effort needed to find, select, and obtain the data they need is too effort-intensive to sustain. The data they could use is effectively locked away.

Hundreds of times per day, they spend massive amounts of time trying to get information that could help them be more proactive and effective — instead of actually being proactive and effective.

Information Builders specializes in breaking down data silos and integrating information. It provides sophisticated master data management (MDM) capabilities to provide a clear, 360-degree view of individuals, even when their information is different in different systems. Data quality capabilities help standardize code sets used by different systems, so law enforcement personnel can easily understand the situation as it pertains to their needs. It functions with every kind of application, and can even integrate data in real-time.

The Information Builders platform is effective in multiple deployment scenarios, for Real-Time Crime Centers, precincts, detectives, agents, and officers on the street.

Delivering Better Insights and Information

Screen capture of charts with superimposed video imagery

Information Builders law enforcement solutions build on integrated, trustworty information to deliver easy-to-understand insights through maps, alerts, reports, briefing books, and more.

A clear scenario can show the benefits of Information Builders Law Enforcement Analytics solutions.

Suppose an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force executes a search warrant. It seizes digital devices for forensic analyses, which can take weeks to complete. Information about the investigation is considered sensitive, and is often protected in records management systems (RMS). While the investigation is ongoing, the suspect continues to live in his house – knowing that the next police officer who comes to his door could arrest him for a charge that could land him in prison for the rest of his life.

Now consider the officer who goes to that residence for a barking dog complaint. The officer thinks it’s a nuisance call. The suspect thinks he’s being put away. The expectation mismatch causes a serious officer safety issue.

The Information Builders data and analytics platform enables response personnel to access the portions of the data that are relevant to their safety, while keeping sensitive case information protected as it should be.

Get the Total Picture from an End-to-End Solution

These kinds of real-time requirements sit alongside other requirements for insights about long-term trends, predictive policing, crime data analysis, total cost of policing, and so on.

Information Builders law enforcement solutions can:

  • Provide real-time alerts to enhance situational awareness
  • Deliver predictions of when, where, and what types of crimes are likely to occur
  • Uncover connections between crimes using a simple search facility
  • Enhance communications across precincts, the state, or the country for more informed responses
  • Close public safety intelligence gaps
Screen capture with satellite imagery

Information Builders provides an end-to-end solution that onboards data, integrates it, automatically monitors and improves data quality, and provides visualization. Together, this results in the most efficient and reliable output of actionable information for law enforcement.

Success Story

The Challenge

York Regional Police had been manually sifting through massive amounts of data for decades. They needed an easy way to query that data to gain real-time insights into officer activity and performance to ensure that police resources are being used effectively.

The Strategy

They teamed up with Information Builders and created a cohesive analytics environment that merges data across all departments and includes intelligent search tools, dashboards, and a performance management framework.

The Results

Now YRP staff is empowered by real-time, evidence-based, actionable policing intelligence that has boosted efficiency in crime prevention, resource allocation, worker wellness, and overall organizational performance.