Master Data Management (MDM)

What is master data management (MDM)? MDM comprises practices, processes, and technologies for ensuring the consistency and accuracy of data across multiple sources.

Disparate information environments create “multiple versions of the truth” that can hinder business performance, drain resources, and minimize competitiveness.  MDM creates a single, accurate, consistent reference point for all common data elements (i.e. products, customers, vendors, employees, hierarchies) across the many information systems a business maintains.

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A Unified Environment for Data Integration, Cleansing, and Mastering

Omni-Gen™ Master Data Management Edition from Information Builders provides powerful integration, data quality, and data mastering functionality to enable organizations to achieve their data mastering goals with lower risk, lower cost, and in less time. The benefits are huge: For example, typical MDM projects can go from 12-18 months to 3-6 months or less.

The complexity of today's information environments, and the potential problems that can arise when information is not properly synchronized among all data assets, has made master data management a priority for many organizations. With MDM, organizations can overcome the obstacles associated with fragmented application portfolios, disparate information architectures, and system silos with different and often incomplete representations of shared data. Redundancies, errors, and inconsistencies are eliminated to foster a "single version of the truth" that can be shared among the various groups, departments, and units across the organization.  

Disparate data assets negatively impact data uniformity and consistency.

Omni-Gen is designed to facilitate efficient integration and mastering of data by tapping into businesspeople’s knowledge of domains such as customer, location, supplier, and more. An inquiry serves to kick off an agile process that continually refines the master record definitions they need. Omni-Gen users then map the models to sources and define required data quality, match/merge, and remediation rules. This process improves collaboration between businesspeople and developers, eliminating typical spreadsheet-based interactions during the design of models and cleansing rules.

Master Data Management Edition goes beyond MDM, with embedded components for data profiling, quality management, and data governance and remediation. As a result:

  • Golden records can be developed for key business entities by creating a single, accurate, web-accessible reference point for all common data elements – such as customers, products, or employees
  • Data stewards, data supervisors, and system administrators can link, unlink, and delete instance records that are associated with a particular golden record group
  • Millions of records can be rapidly consolidated according to easily defined business rules, making unified and validated master data is instantly available to a wide range of enterprise applications
  • Related data entities can be identified by leveraging deterministic, linguistic, cross language, and
  • weighting techniques for the execution of rules and schemes
  • Organizations can assess and visualize data through dashboards and open presentation interfaces

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