Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensors and high-speed communications to connect millions of devices for virtually any purpose you can think of.

The Internet of Things helps organizations improve efficiencies and reduce costs by providing more complete data about their operations. IoT technologies deliver competitive advantages by speeding up or automating operational responses, actions, and organizational decisions. 

The IoT will profoundly transform daily life for consumers, businesses, and governments. One key? Holistically managing IoT and all other data via real-time integration, cleansing, contextualization, and mastering, to make it usable for downstream analysis and operations.

For IoT projects, our software products eliminate the challenges of fragmented, inaccurate, or incomplete data, and ensure that the resulting information is comprehensive, high quality, and contextualized into integrated data sets that support a wide variety of business analysis and processes.

The Internet of Things can be challenging to decipher or interpret in meaningful ways, without ingesting, cleansing, and integrating it with other data assets that provide bigger-picture context. This is exactly what our iWay and Omni products provide.

Once IoT data has been contextualized and prepared, the WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform provides a highly scalable, flexible, and effective means to distribute actionable insight to people on their terms, whether via self-service data discovery, operational InfoApps, supply-chain partner portals, or portable analytical documents.

IoT data must be ingested, contextualized, cleansed, and integrated.