Data Integration and Integrity

Data Integration

The best architecture to bring together data for operations and analytics.

Intelligent data integration

Data integration can deliver real value to your business -- but it can also cause delays and headaches. It takes upfront planning and preparation to streamline the project to deliver business value.   Today, true data integration combines best practices, architectural techniques and progressive tools. That means you can access, cleanse, transform and stream data real-time across the spectrum of information types in the enterprise and beyond - on premises or in the cloud or a hybrid of both.


  • One platform built for Big Data, data preparation & native engagement of Hadoop
  • Visual graphical tools to create, collaborate and control big data for faster time to market
  • Built-in progressive data ingestion - structured, unstructured and social
  • Built in Best Practices for data consistency between operational applications
  • Right-time data movement for operating at multiple speeds
  • Thousands of deployments for data management, movement, integration and BI

Key features

Enables full end-to-end data integration applications

For transactional, batch or, delta streams for bi-directional data processing

Variety of security features for signing and encrypting data in flight and at rest with full compliance with industry standard secure communications

Secure data processing
  • High performance, secure, message bus provides for step-wise execution of messages
  • Extensible library of pre-built tested execution steps that can be configured to provide rich message processing
  • Supports a variety of Security features (i.e.: DSIG, XAdES, SAML, AES, etc.)
  • Full compliance with industry standard secure communication such as AS2, HTTP/SFTP/S, SFTP, and others
  • Full support for PKCS11/PKCS12 interfaces for key management
  • An array of supported authentication/authorization realms
  • Support for whitelists and blacklists for data communication
  • Support for firewall isolation of processing
Secure configuration
  • Signed internal configuration files prevent unauthorized changes
  • Signed user created applications prevent unauthorized application updates

Load balancing and multiple servers, enable limited to no production downtime with full statistics and isolation & resolution of bottlenecks

Optimized performance
  • Support for on-boarding a new server with horizontal and vertical scaling with no production downtime
  • Secure communication across channels and multiple servers
  • Load balancing and message dispatching optimizations across multiple servers
  • Optimization options for throughput of memory utilizations
  • Full statistics audit for isolating bottlenecks and optimizing performance
Reliability and 24/7 uptime
  • Hot backup built in
  • Active/Passive and Active/Active configuration support
  • File and Database persistence store
  • Full message ownership until completion with full tracking.

Through integration layer driven on a highly-performance server

Across multiple channels and servers with configuration audits, and customized fields for monitoring and status tracking

  • Monitoring of transaction lifecycle as it is processed across multiple channels and multiple servers
  • Full and configurable audit of transaction events
  • Customizable user-driven fields for monitoring
  • Status tracking for batch or singular transaction
  • Support of message resubmission from start or mid-stream processing

Milestone completions for quick return on investment are facilitated/expedited via the Document Specification model for Integrators that provides a flexible and extensible approach for data capture

Supporting an array of inbound and outbound protocols and available to any consuming application, system or analytics product. Batch, delta, and real-time transaction processing are enabled with full streaming support

Import, cleanse, and export your personal data rapidly without IT