Healthcare Analytics

Make sense of the morass of clinical, financial, operational, and provider data that is generated each day.

Leveraging healthcare analytics allows organizations to meet meaningful use requirements, better capture revenues, and impact healthcare reform.

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Healthcare analytics enable effective data insights, so providers can:

  • Understand the value of patients by disease state, access point, and more in order to help prioritize current initiatives
  • Profile patients based on known indications to identify those who will most likely benefit from additional care coordination and/or require services
  • Highlight gaps in care, providing potential revenue opportunities and preventing unnecessary utilization and costs
  • Understand patient behavior, including first and last touch points in the network, which enable patient attraction and retention

To address the shift to value-based care, Information Builders has partnered with St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) to create Omni-HealthData Insights. Omni-HealthData Insights provides out-of-the-box information applications (InfoApps™), built on top of the Omni-HealthData framework, to serve a range of critical informational needs.

Instead of learning complex tools and worrying about data preparation, users can serve themselves and quickly get answers and insights from relevant data, right when they need it. It’s easy for non-technical, mainstream users to get and analyze information on both web browsers and mobile devices.

Read more about Omni-HealthData Insights, to see how to drive customer satisfaction and quality of services, all while promoting better customer care.

Healthcare analytics provides answers and insights from relevant data, right when it's needed. 

Information Builders has years of experience with healthcare organizations.

This gives us a broad depth of knowledge on how to guide payers and providers along the maturity path of data integration, data quality, and data harmonization for analytics success. You can read more about our Healthcare-specific solutions such as health information management and healthcare informatics on our OmniHealthData web site


what is healthcare analytics, healthcare analytics solutions, healthcare analytics

In the shift to value-based healthcare, Omni-HealthData enables health insurers to get a 360-degree view of every member. Payers can collect clinical data from hospitals, doctors’ offices, and community care organizations and unify it with claims and operational data from internal siloed sources, while optimizing the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of that information and making it available to stakeholders in an easy-to-consume way.

what is healthcare analytics, healthcare analytics solutions, healthcare analytics

Omni-HealthData Provider Edition from Information Builders is a robust, unified information management environment that simplifies complex data integration, promotes data quality, and facilitates ongoing data governance to enable the achievement of accountable care goals. Complete, timely, and trusted information is readily available to all those who make critical decisions about patient care.

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