Business Outcomes

Squeeze Cost From Operations

Companies analyze data from the processes that enable their organizations to run properly. Because this information is spread across multiple applications, it’s often difficult to get a true picture of your own information. When you collect, integrate, and dig deep into the data, you can uncover processes where cost savings can be achieved, either through increased efficiency or reduced waste.

Analyze Operational Data

WebFOCUS has the ability to extend support beyond management and analysts by operationalizing intelligence for line-of-business employees where the impact is closest to the business. Our innovative InfoApps help companies support business optimization, realize new levels of efficiency and employee performance, and monetize data.

  • InfoApps
  • Big Data
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
Our BI and Analytics Platform

Enterprise Data Management

Omni-Gen improves customer identification processes with their robust data governance capabilities, allowing for end-to-end remediation. This enables organizations to leverage existing application and infrastructure investments, while maximum flexibility supports batch or real-time integration and can deploy services and business processes to any hardware, operating system, or application platform.

  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Security
Our Data Management Platform

Cas Clients

Le challenge

For Mark Anthony Group, it was all about the flow. The company wanted to streamline the flow of information within the company and to external partners, while extending ERP automation from headquarters to the warehouse to keep the entire workflow electronic.

La stratégie

So, it replaced its inferior integration technology with iWay Software solutions that transformed manual, paper-based transactions into automated electronic workflows.

Les résultats

Orders are processed up to 75 percent faster and data quality has improved throughout the organization. iWay Software solutions save Mark Anthony many hours of labor each week.

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