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When a resource is important to our business, we watch over it: measure it, manage it, make sure it benefits us.

In this webinar, we take a serious look at how to treat data as such a resource in today’s evolving digital landscape. We will discuss how to ensure that your data quality is sufficiently fit for its purpose, the technology trends that affect how we implement data quality solutions, and how data quality affects those trends.

David Menninger, SVP and research director at Ventana Research joins our own Jake Freivald, VP of Product Marketing, to discuss:

  • Data quality use cases, including data integration, the IoT, application integration, and embedded and operational analytics
  • How AI affects – and is affected by – data quality
  • The role of business users in data quality initiatives
  • How data profiling, an unsung hero, is a critical and humanizing part of every data quality process
David Menninger
David Menninger
Senior Vice President and Research Director,
Ventana Research

David is responsible for the overall research direction of data, information, and analytics technologies at Ventana Research, covering major areas including Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Information Management along with the additional specific research categories including Information Applications, IT Performance Management, Location Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and IoT, and Data Science. David brings to Ventana Research more than 25 years of experience, through which he has marketed and brought to market some of the leading-edge technologies for helping organizations analyze data to support a range of action-taking and decision-making processes.

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