How to Get Value From IoT Analytics

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  • Date: March 20, 2019
  • Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT
Event Description

Building IoT Systems Of Insight

Internet of Things (IoT) data is often isolated within companies – and that means lost value. Even when you begin to integrate IoT data with the business, today’s big data analytics approaches don't support real-time insight and action.

Leading firms differentiate themselves by integrating business information with IoT data to create better customer experiences and more efficient operations. This is achieved by building integrated systems of insights that bring together the right people, processes, and analytics technology in a closed-loop process.

Join our webinar to learn:
•    Why companies are losing value on their IoT investments
•    Actionable tips on how to address top roadblocks
•    What systems of insight look like in action

Lyndsay Wise
Lyndsay Wise
Director of Market Intelligence ,
Information Builders

Lyndsay Wise is the Director of Market Intelligence, responsible for researching the impact of emerging technologies and market trends on our product offerings and customers to ensure proactive market assessment. Previous to this roll, she joined Information Builders as Director of Professional Services Division for North America, where she helped customers align their business strategy for successful data management. Before joining Information Builders, Lyndsay worked as an industry analyst for 12 years, founding WiseAnalytics in 2007 and covered research areas related to data visualization, analytics, BI in the cloud, and implementation strategies for mid-market organizations. She provided consulting services as well as industry research into leading technologies, market trends, BI products and vendors, mid-market needs, and data visualization. In 2012, Lyndsay wrote Using Open Source Platforms for Business Intelligence: Avoid Pitfalls and Maximize ROI to help provide organizations with the tools needed to evaluate open source business intelligence and make the right software decisions.

Frank Gillett
Frank Gillett
Vice President and Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research

Frank serves CIOs, plus their teams and tech industry suppliers, by predicting the disruption and business impact of the Internet of Things, connected home, connected car, and the landscape of emerging technologies. He investigates emerging trends and technologies – and their adoption by pioneering customers – to predict the impact on businesses, employees, and consumers across the globe. Frank's leading work includes predicting the rise of the personal cloud and digital self, the reinvention of the post-mobile PC, and the internal private cloud in 2002.

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