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FOCUS: Deep JOIN Part 1 and Dialogue Manager Debugging

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So far we have reviewed JOIN syntax and how it works, in this session we will dive into how WebFOCUS/FOCUS processes FOCUS managed JOINs for non-indexed data sources (SUFFIX=FIX, COMT, DFIX, etc).

The Dialogue Manager discussion also continues this time with how to use Dialogue Manager for debugging as well as showing the new Dialogue Manger debugging tool.

Walter Blood
Walter Blood
Director of Product Management and Support,
Information Builders

Walter Blood, director of Product Management and Customer Support, is responsible for the FOCUS product on the mainframe platform and the core FOCUS engine across all Information Builders products. With more than 30 years of IT experience, he has spent his time at Information Builders working with FOCUS, EDA, and WebFOCUS on all platforms.

Walter Brengel
Walter Brengel
Technical Director,
Information Builders

Walter Brengel is currently a technical director in the FOCUS Division at Information Builders. He has been working with FOCUS/WebFOCUS for 30 years. His knowledge is with advanced coding techniques and relational adapters. He has prior experience with educational, financial, and government institutions.

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