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Join us for this best practices session and predictive modeling demonstration with many case studies on delivering predictive analytics and other business intelligence applications that deliver real improvement and positive change in Higher Education.

The Customer Speaks: Houston Community College
Presented by Dr. Martha Oburn and Hazel Milan
Houston Community College’s new BI system helps the college to document and evaluate decisions, measure enrollment, track outcomes, and provide access to key financial indicators. It also facilitates communication between the board and top administrators.

Accelerating Delivery of Predictive Insights: A Better Path to Student Success
Presented by Jim McDermott, Assistant Area Technical Manager, Information Builders
A significant challenge facing many Higher Education institutions today is how to manage, aggregate, verify and transform huge volumes of student and campus data to drive business decisions. Predictive models can help identify important academic, financial or operational trends but many predictive tools today are designed for the highly-skilled data scientist -- and not for campus executives, faculty or non-technical campus operational staff.

How do you automate the delivery of key insights quickly to empower a data-driven culture that enables the entire campus with easy-to-understand visualizations and self-service analytics? How do you deploy advanced analytics that can be consumed without technical support or training?

Kira Aubrey
Kira Aubrey
Customer Marketing Manager,
Information Builders

Kira Aubrey delivers customized support to our existing customer base through focused programs that connect users to further their investment. She also manages analysis of customer accounts to help identify future projects and potential business growth opportunities in existing and new markets.

Martha Oburn
Dr. Martha Oburn
Executive Director of Institutional Research and Innovation,
Houston Community College

Martha Oburn has been the Executive Director of Institutional Research and Innovation at Houston Community College since 2008. She has extensive experience in IR and planning in higher education in both 2- and 4- year institutions. Her current activities focus on developing a decision support system that is integrated into HCC’s institutional effectiveness processes. She received her Master’s from Harvard University and her PhD in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Hazel Milan
Hazel Milan
Sr. Research Analyst,
Houston Community College

IT by heart. Moved from manufacturing, to banking, to higher education. To date, 10 years with the Institutional Research of HCC as a Sr. Research Analyst. She is responsible for developing and maintaining systems and programs for organizing data for analysis. She migrated all existing dashboards to WebFOCUS 8203 in 2018.

Jim McDermott
Jim McDermott
Federal Sr Systems Engineer at Information Builders,
Information Builders

Jim has over 20 years’ experience in helping organizations understand and receive value from their data. Product evangelist for Information Builders’ business intelligence, analytics and data management software solutions.

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