Business Outcomes

Driving Down B2B Transaction Costs

Having a complete, trusted representation of your business that is clear and visually compelling is integral to understanding where financial anomalies and inefficiencies lie. Sharing this information with everyone in the supply chain can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

More Information, Less Friction

Information flow is as important to a supply chain as product flow. WebFOCUS ensures that everyone in your company, from operational worker to B2B analyst, knows everything they need to about each transaction. Even better, WebFOCUS can help you create B2B portals that enable your business partners to see everything they need to know, without human intervention.

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Historia de Éxito

El desafío

Can a general-purpose software environment simplify data integration, data quality, application integration, and B2B integration for SWIFT message processing?

La estrategia

Yes, if it's iWay Software from Information Builders, which is what Maitland used to link trading and settlement systems, as well as to orchestrate new interfaces to internal and external systems.

Los resultados

Using iWay lets users add a new client and start trading immediately, with guaranteed settlement. Previously, this process took one-to-three months.

Managing Business Partner Activity

Information Builders technology can help you manage business partners, standardize data formats, cleanse information as it comes through the firewall, and integrate B2B transactions with internal information. This will give you a complete, 360-degree view of your business-to-business interactions, enabling you to drive out friction, improve satisfaction, and decrease costs.

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