Business Outcomes

Derive New Revenue From Data

There’s significant financial value locked within your enterprise systems. The recent explosion of big data coming from sources such as mobile, social media, devices, and the cloud present even more opportunities for your organization to increase revenues or reduce costs.

Analytics: From Cost Center to Profit Center

WebFOCUS' deep analytical capabilities help uncover the insights that can boost profits and minimize overhead expenses. An intuitive user experience makes data easily shareable with customers and partners to open new revenue streams, increase acquisition and retention, reduce support costs, and provide a competitive edge.

  • Customer-Facing and Self-Service BI
  • InfoApps
  • Mobile BI and Analytics
  • Data Visualization
Our BI and Analytics Platform

Increasing Value With Integration and Integrity

With iWay, you can tap into enterprise systems – as well as cloud, social media, and other sources – for unhindered data access, integration, and sharing. You can further promote monetization by mastering and cleansing your data, eliminating issues of quality that negatively impact its financial value.

  • Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance
Our Data Management Plaftorm

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