Data Integration and Integrity

Master Data Management at Warp Speed

Omni-Gen™ slashes the length of typical MDM project times – from 12-18 months to three months or less.

Rapid, Model-Driven MDM

Omni-Gen facilitates efficient data integration and mastering by tapping into businesspeople’s knowledge of domains such as customer, location, and supplier. An agile process continually refines the master record definitions they need, while users apply source mappings and rules for data quality, match/merge, and remediation. This process improves collaboration between businesspeople and developers, eliminating typical spreadsheet-based interactions during the design of models and cleansing rules.

  • A seamless, simplified solution built for agility and flexibility
  • Delivers a radical reduction in implementation time, costs, and risk
  • Provides built-in data preparation and governance
  • Is integration-ready platform for handling bulk and streaming data sources
  • Leverages expertise with thousands of deployments for MDM, data management, movement, integration, and business intelligence

Key Features

Create data models for Customers, Vendors, Products, Facilities, Patients, and many more subjects.

Directly supports the integration and persistence of transactional data with a built-in framework to consume transactional data in relationship to the mastered subjects from which they are inherently associated.

Provides a built-in historical framework that captures both mastered and transactional subjects in time, provides rich insight, traceability, and auditing capabilities for governance, business intelligence, and application consumption.

Drive built-in services that facilitate downstream consumption of both mastered and transactional subjects, as well as services for integrating enterprise applications.

Prevents data governance from being a post-mastering implementation initiative. We provide out-of-the-box orchestration of remediation activities, including cleansing overrides and identity matching overrides. The governance module is multidomain and supports domain security, role-based authorization, single sign-on (SAML), and LDAP authentication.

Omni-Gen provides out-of-the-box workflow templates, and additionally provides customizable workflow via the Omni Designer tool.

Uses a model-driven approach to MDM, which provides on-boarding artifacts for quick and easy integration. Deployed models support integration for both bulk and streaming inputs.

Omni-Gen provides for the creation of code sets to standardize and enrich data.

A graphical interface for inspecting master records, including the pre- and post-cleansing representations of the source records that compose them.

  • Regex pattern parsing, standardized formats and abbreviations with language-specific replacements, SoundEx, and internal Java-based functions
  • Domain-oriented algorithms for addresses, parties, vehicles, names, identification numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers
  • CASS address validation
  • Enrichment using ICD9, ICD10, Geo-coding for identified address map locations and Geo-marking for insurance risk, names, surnames, and academic or social titles for more holistic contact details, reference table look-ups, and more

Easily configured using bundled administration applications with no requirements for any external tools or other third-party applications

  • The data quality engine is platform independent, based on open standards (XML, Web services), and uses data models portable across all existing database platforms
  • Parallel data processing methods ensure scalability, and incremental data processing in both batch and online processing modes.
  • Advanced functionality leveraging modern platforms and code optimization techniques, and ease of implementation add to the overall economic total cost of ownership

A portfolio of prepackaged integration components provides access to application data structures and methods, such as APIs for data records, native Java, JDBC, and other industry-standard interfaces.

Use this eclipse-based development tool to create visual representations of the golden record and post-cleansing representations of the source records.

  • Import XMI files to start with pre-existing models
  • Associate mastering plans, create reference data, and customize work-flows associated with each MDM project
  • Built-in version control and change management functions for sourcing and deploying to runtime Omni-Gen server instances
  • Supports both SVN and Git distributed version control systems