Data integration and integrity

API Management and Application Integration

Real-time application integration redefined

Modern options for today's connected world

With the onslaught of new technologies, mobile, IoT, data warehouses, and digital, new challenges for application integration arise. The Omni-Gen data management platform delivers both application and data integration, eliminating custom integration code and replacing it with the straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components.


  • Integrate applications, services and APIs with no required coding
  • Quickly connect & integrate devices, data & applications inside & outside of your organization
  • Simplify complicated application integration challenges – cloud based or on-premises
  • Provide data consistency & governance between operational applications with built in best practices
  • Access new data types & more data sources than any other solution
  • Achieve one seamless platform for data agility & scalability
  • Drive growth & improve performance through secure synchronization of information with external partners
  • Enable data management, integration & BI expertise with thousands of deployments

Key features

Measures to prevent unauthorized changes

  • Signed internal configuration files preventing unauthorized changes
  • Signed user created applications preventing unauthorized application updates

High performance message bus, extensible library of pre-built execution steps, a variety of security features and full compliance with industry standard secure communications

  • High performance, secure, message bus provides for step-wise execution of messages
  • Extensible library of pre-built tested, configurable execution steps providing rich message processing
  • Variety of Security features for signing & encrypting data in flight & at rest (i.e.: DSIG, XAdES, SAML, AES, etc.)
  • Full compliance with industry standard secure communication such as AS2, HTTP/SFTP/S, SFTP, and others
  • Full support for PKCS11/PKCS12 interfaces for key management
  • An array of supported authentication/authorization realms
  • Support for whitelists & blacklists for data communication
  • Support for firewall isolation of processing

Load balancing, multiple servers, limited to no production downtime with full statistics and isolation & resolution of bottlenecks

  • Support for on-boarding a new server for horizontal and vertical scaling with no production downtime
  • Secure communication across channels and multiple servers
  • Optimized load balancing and message dispatching across multiple servers
  • Optimization options for throughput of memory utilization(s)
  • Full statistics audit for isolating bottlenecks and optimizing performance

High performance, hot backup and active/passive and active/active configuration support

  • Hot backup built in
  • Active/Passive & Active/Active configuration support
  • File & Database persistence store
  • Full message ownership until completion with full tracking

Includes full streaming support

Configurable audits down to the transaction, and customizable fields for monitoring

  • Monitoring of transaction life-cycle as it is processed across multiple channels and servers
  • Full and configurable audit of transaction events
  • Customizable user-driven fields for monitoring
  • Status tracking for batch or singular transaction
  • Support of message resubmission from start or mid-stream processing

Full industry standards, native and standard APIs

  • Support for industry standard interfaces such as SOAP/REST for external communication
  • Exposure of iSM services via standard & native APIs
  • Fully documented programmers’ APIs for customization and enrichment
  • Deployment of iSM processes as callable components to the external systems
  • Extensible scripting for message execution

Runs under YARN enabling Hadoop based resource management

  • Runs under YARN enabling Hadoop based resource management
  • AVRO and HDFS services for bi-directional communication
  • Exposure of proprietary channels for iWay Big Data Integrator product

Includes SWIFT, HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, HL7 solutions

Profiles in a web-based interface while driving data processing with seamless onboarding of new partners

  • Seamless onboarding of new partners without application re-works
  • Full audit trail of profile changes
  • Customized & extensible partner profile information
  • Many-to-many routing relationships between partners
  • Support for industry standard & proprietary message types
  • Shared centralized system for multiple applications simplifies maintenance

Simple process enabling business users to utilize common tools such as Excel and Google docs to drive application logic

  • Dynamic process logic configuration via reference to external systems
  • Enables business users to utilize common tools such as Excel and Google Docs to drive application business logic
  • Externalized configuration management and inheritance

For Eclipse-based developers leveraging centralized component management and pre-configured components and process logic for streamlining effort

  • Eclipse-based developers environment provides familiar & intuitive interface
  • Easily integrates into existing Eclipse-based environments
  • Customized & centralized component management via Library enables high-reuse of pre-configured components and process logic
  • Support for multiple run-time environments
  • Same framework interface across Integration & Integrity (Data Quality / Master Data Management) products simplifies development lifecycle
  • Full support for integral work with other Eclipse-based environments

For multiple developers working in parallel with centralized project management & versioning, plus wizards for rapid deployment

  • Full support for Source Control Management enables centralized project management & versioning
  • Team work enables multiple developers working in parallel on the same project, such as expediting development & deployment processing while tracking work
  • Wizard-based deployment process enables rapid deployment
  • ANT & Maven based scripted deployment & application
  • Software Development Kit (iSDK)
  • Full support for ANT & Maven based deployment via scripted interface enables rapid integration into existing enterprise build systems
  • Self-standing SDK doesn’t require knowledge of Integration or Runtime environment & is optimized for operation use for black-box application management
  • Extensible scripting APIs for open integration