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Information Builders M&A platform helps decrease risks and increase time to value by rapid delivery on synergies and accelerated integration.

All businesses strive to grow

All businesses strive to grow. Strategic growth through external expansion can create tremendous value but also comes with unique challenges.

“More than 50% of the mergers and acquisitions last year failed to achieve the value predicted, mainly due to challenges around IT integration.”

Opportunities such as cross and upsell potential, access to new markets and economies of scale mean more mergers at an accelerated pace.


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E-book: Managing IT risk during mergers and acquisitions

Technology should never be an obstacle to corporate growth.

Mergers and acquisitions present so many opportunities to slash costs, generate new revenue, boost market share, acquire intellectual property and knowledge, and much more. Why is it, then, that a recent KPMG study shows that 83 percent of mergers do not boost shareholder returns1?

In this free e-book, we explore the phases of the M&A lifecycle, address its challenges, and show you how our customers were able to overcome their M&A roadblocks with our robust data and analytics solutions.

1 Bradt, George. “83% Of Mergers Fail – Leverage A 100-Day Action Plan For Success Instead.” Forbes, January 2015.

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Success Story

The Challenge

How did Coty integrate disparate IT environments created by a series of strategic acquisitions and link internal systems with those maintained by third-parties to enhance supply-chain operations?

The Strategy

It deployed a powerful and broad-reaching integration middleware framework to streamline and automate operations by tying together internal systems, as well as those maintained by external partners.

The Results

A strategic approach to integration has helped Coty maintain efficient, cohesive supply-chain activities and other operations across its entire organization.

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