Embedded BI and Analytics

If you want to help your employees improve their performance or keep your clients more engaged, look to embedded analytics.

Embedded BI and analytics is about integrating actionable insights into everyday applications and systems used by business workers, within their usual workflow. The benefits of well-designed and implemented embedded BI are a simpler and more convenient user experience, increased productivity, and a higher adoption of data-driven business.

The WebFOCUS platform from Information Builders is the ideal choice for embedded BI and analytics, with seamless integration, ease of branding, sophisticated out-of-the-box content options, flexible and robust security features, and scalability on a single unified platform. Rather than devote precious R&D resources to creating and maintaining analytical capabilities, you can partner with a best-of-breed BI and analytics provider for fast time-to-market and rapid value.

Two Embedded Analytics Use Cases



Many organizations have strong internal objectives for embedding analytics and are looking to operationalize and mix BI with existing applications. For instance, rather than migrating on-prem data to Salesforce.com to create integrated dashboards, WebFOCUS can run within the Salesforce portal and incorporate on-prem data directly, without data migration and the costs associated with extra data storage.



Two use cases exist for external deployments free and paid. An example of free might be a financial services organization looking to provide complimentary access to customers through portals or web applications. For paid use cases, examples might be consultancies, business services, and retailers who are looking to monetize data and analytics via OEM and external deployments.

Embedded BI and Analytics Requirements

Embedded business intelligence requires flexible security and multi-tenancy, white-labeling for OEM use and ease-of-adoption, and comprehensive support of recognized embedded capabilities and techniques.

The WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform provides sophisticated capabilities to help user organizations embed analytics into every business process and application.

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