Information Builders Cloud

Information Builders Cloud is the result of a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The scalability, security, usability, and governance of our award-winning platform aligns seamlessly with the power and flexibility of AWS.

On-Demand Analytics and Data Management 

BI Cloud

Cloud solutions provide many benefits over traditional infrastructure, such as improved performance, lower upfront investment, and greater flexibility and scalability to handle growth and unanticipated demand. Information Builders Cloud delivers enterprise business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud.

Additionally, Information Builders Cloud supports many of the services available on AWS, including EC2, S3, Athena, Redshift, and auto-scaling. The result is a comprehensive, on-demand platform for analytics and data management – with less time, cost, and risk, and without the need to engage multiple vendors.

The Power of AWS and Information Builders

Via Information Builders’ status as a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network, organizations can leverage a comprehensive and extensive analytics and data management platform in the cloud without engaging multiple vendors. Information Builders provides a single-source AWS solution for software, on-boarding, account management, cloud managed services, and customer support.

Through our Consulting Partner certification, we also provide certifications, support, and access to AWS capabilities. Unlike other cloud solutions, which have complicated pricing structures that can total tens of thousands of dollars annually, our pricing model is simple and straightforward. 

Information Builders Cloud Offerings

WebFOCUS Cloud Offerings

WebFOCUS Total Access Cloud (TAC) is a bundle of components that delivers an all-in BI and analytics platform, with end-to-end cloud managed hosting services and cloud support services – on AWS. Virtually all the features and components of WebFOCUS are turned on and available for use with WebFOCUS TAC. App Studio, Esri, and Hyperstage are included, as well as iWay DataMigrator.

A subscription offers a lower up-front investment, simpler and faster analytics deployments, and greater flexibility and scalability to handle growth and unanticipated demand. Alternatively, specific WebFOCUS editions (e.g., Enterprise, Application, or Business User Edition) can be custom configured to run on Information Builders Enterprise Cloud (see below).

Omni-Gen Cloud Offerings

Omni-Gen™ is a data integration and mastering platform that enables rapid, model-driven implementation of master data management (MDM), data cleansing, and data integration projects. Omni-Gen dramatically cuts the risk, time, and cost of creating applications that manage and monitor the entire data management life cycle.

  • Omni-Gen Total Access Cloud - Integration Edition: Includes the technology needed to access, profile, and integrate data regardless of latency requirements or source type. Enables the development, execution, and governance of integration flows linking on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications, and data structures
  • Omni-Gen Total Access Cloud -  Data Quality Edition: Provides powerful data integration and cleansing technologies to ensure data accessibility, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition is available for cloud deployment and iPaaS
  • Omni-Gen for Customer for Cloud: Information from assorted systems, external lists, cloud, and on-premises data is consolidated into a single, 360-degree view of every customer. Employees can tap into the data in this view to make smarter decisions and improve data-driven processes
  • Omni-Gen for Supplier for Cloud: Information from assorted systems, external lists, cloud, and on-premises data is consolidated into a single, 360-degree view of every supplier. Employees can tap into the data in this view to enhance supply-chain visibility and operations


Information Builders Enterprise Cloud

Specific configurations of WebFOCUS, iWay, and Omni-Gen are available as AWS-based cloud solutions, via monthly subscription price models. This a la carte approach enables customers to select the software components they require, and their preferred configuration for the AWS cloud (e.g., # cores, Windows/Linux). The benefits of subscription pricing, end-to-end managed hosting and cloud services are all included with a custom Information Builders Enterprise Cloud solution.

Complete Cloud Managed Services

An Information Builders cloud subscription includes end-to-end cloud managed hosting services and cloud support services, summarized below.


Provisioning Management

  • Network, CPU, RAM, storage, OS, web/appserver installation, RDBMS (PostgreSQL), site-to-site VPN configuration
  • Full industry compliance (e.g., ISO, SOC 3, PCI) auditing and certification of data centers, policies and procedures


Continuity Management

  • Managed Services provides backups using standard snapshot functionality on a scheduled interval
  • Restore actions from specific snapshots can be performed on demand 
  • 99.99% up-time SLA


Patch Management

  • Apply and install updates to instances for supported operating systems and software pre-installed with supported operating systems
  • Apply critical security updates outside of the selected maintenance window. Managed Services will apply important updates during the selected maintenance window

Logging, Monitoring, and Event Management

  •  Logging activity and alerts based on health checks
  •  Information Builders monitors and investigates alerts whenever they are triggered 
  •  All logs are stored and aggregated

Security and Access Management

  • Configuring of anti-malware protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security capabilities that will be approved by the customer, such as identity and access management roles and security groups

Incident Management

  •  24/7/365 enterprise support 
  •  Information Builders is the single point of contact and escalation
  •  Managed Services proactively notifies customers of incidents detected

Ready for Your Journey to the Cloud?

Information Builders Cloud offers rapid provisioning and time to market, complete with end-to-end managed hosting and cloud services. Information Builders provides trusted, deep experience in guiding our customers on their journey to the cloud.