Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) enhances decision making by giving stakeholders the ability to tap into enterprise information assets.

Traditional business intelligence systems have evolved into web and mobile-based systems that go beyond simple reporting and analysis. They include advanced analytical functionality, as well as data integration and cleansing, providing a single, robust framework for making enterprise information readily available to executives, managers, and employees—even customers and business partners.

Information Builders' WebFOCUS is a powerful, highly scalable business intelligence and analytics platform designed to serve many different user classes, from casual to power users. Raw information from any source can be transformed into useable information, and delivered in actionable ways—dashboards, InfoApps, visualizations, and more—to anyone, anywhere.

    WebFOCUS is a comprehensive, fully unified business intelligence and analytics platform addressing the information needs of all decision makers:

    • Dashboards and scorecards to give executives and managers a high-level view of critical indicators and metrics

    • Self-service and data discovery tools to allow analysts and power users to perform analyses and visualizations, and easily create and share InfoApps™ for guided ad hoc exploration of data

    • Mobile BI allowing people to interact with right-time data on any device, whether connected to the Internet or not
    • InfoApps enabling users to analyze and manipulate information, with no training required

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